Partner together

Become an eCommerceInsights partner and help solve your clients’ eCommerce Insights needs and thrive in the rapidly growing and evolving eCommerce environment we are currently in. Give your clients the power to rapidly, accurately and affordably transform their eCommerce product reviews & online opinions into actionable insights about their brand, their products and their competitors.

More Than Just Software and awesome AI

Just as we’re passionate about creating the best eCommerce Insights platform, we’re equally passionate about empowering and supporting our partners: Market Research Firms, eCommerce Agencies, Tech Partners and Insights Consultants. Our partner team is here to give you the guidance, support, and training to help your clients grow and succeed.

Partnership Benefits

An Additional Revenue Stream

Earn a recurring revenue share for each client

For every client you refer to us you earn a recurring revenue share. As a technology-first company we don’t take on custom development and will refer back to our partner ecosystem. Our partner program is ideal for both Market Research Firms, eCommerce agencies, Technology Vendors and Insights Consultants with a focus on brand success.

Co-Branded Event and Marketing

Joint event and marketing opportunities

Leverage logos and Partner Program badges to promote our partnership through your service offerings. Or strategically align through joint case studies, events, communications, webinars, and more.

Sales tools

Gain access to sales training guides and co-marketing assets to accelerate your sales cycle. Our team is available to co-sell and provide pre-sales support for all qualifying opportunities.

Co-Branded Event and Marketing

1-on-1 support from us

We’ll provide you and your team with 1-on-1 training and development support. Demos and development support. We support you in becoming eCommerce Insights experts.