Use Cases

Use Cases

Insights and data driven use cases to drive innovation, create customer loyalty and increase sales

Product Innovation

A product team’s dream: Quickly identify new feature requests, ideas and potential whitespace directly from the voice of your customers or from the customers of your competitors.

New Product Launches

Get nearly instant feedback on new product launches across all channels. Are people loving the new taste? Upset with the packaging?

Competitor Monitoring

Beat the competition with easy benchmarking against your competitors at both the brand and SKU level.

Competitor Discovery

Somewhere in the world right now a brand is being launched with accelerated hypergrowth ready to eat your market share. Discover competitors you never even knew existed.

Improving Customer Service / Customer Experience

Improve overall customer experience by better understanding how your customer service teams are performing.

Digital Marketing & SEO/SEM Optimization

Optimize your digital marketing and digital campaigns with newly discovered terms based on what your customers are saying.