Zippo Matte Pocket Lighters No Logo Black Matte

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Dec 29, 2022
Designs good.I love the way it fits in your hand and the looks of it. But idk if it's the wick or what never seemed to light for me anytime even after refilling it
Dec 28, 2022
Perfect gift.Fantastic gift! I bought this with the soul intention of getting it engraved and it turned out perfect. Great quality and highly recommend getting it personalized after purchase. 10/10 recommend
Dec 28, 2022
Simply not worth the money.The fluid simply burns off quick and it's hard to light. Just a lighter inside if thin piece of metal. Made very cheaply.
Dec 27, 2022
It doesnt work.This came dirty and it doesnt work Im trying to return it and I have to print and package it myself just giving me a hard time. It refuses to light
Dec 23, 2022
Some things never get old.I bought a lighter because matches, over the past 25 years, have become cheaply made & useless. The striker strip is never coarse enough (wears easily) & the match heads have a poor blend to give a quality strike/spark. I have read that manufacturers had to modify how matches were made for safe shipping. In years past, matches had caused numerous fires due to heat & friction during transport. In the process, though, current matches no longer provide an effortless function. Some things never get
Dec 22, 2022
Great little lighter!.Great quality little lighter. Only downside is the small size means that you are constantly refilling this thing.
Dec 20, 2022
Legendary Name.Ive always wanted a real Zippo since I was a kid and I dont even smoke. It was more so for the coolness you see in movies and tv shows. Great fir and finish. My only issue is having to refill the lighter enough times so that its actually usable.
Dec 18, 2022
Bf loves it.Great quality product but it doesnt hold a ton of fluid so just be aware of that
Dec 17, 2022
It's a Zippo.Thank you Zippo for keeping your quality up through the years. As always your product is amazing
Dec 15, 2022
Best ZIPPO.Love It! Matte case is top notch. Thanks!
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