Zippo Ace Lighters

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Mar 11, 2023
Lighter problems.Design is cool but does not light. Ive used many lighters but when it came to this lighter i dont know if it was from package damage, but it would not light.
Mar 09, 2023
Love it.The card part is cool
Mar 04, 2023
So cute!.I bought this lighter for my boyfriend for his birthday and it is so cute! I thought it was going to be bigger but its okay because he loves it so much!
Feb 23, 2023
Very nice.Very cool pattern. Has brought me a lot of luck at the poker table ;>
Jan 09, 2023
Most important thing to know? DOESNT LAST LONG!.So I bought this Ace Zippo lighter and some zippo lighter fluid and received it on December 6th. Its now only January 9th and its quit working. Got a month and a few days out of it. What kinda crap is that?!?! This thing should still be firing up like brand new with only a month on it!!! Ive never been more disappointed than I am with this subpar zippo lighter. Wish I had never bought it from here. I should get a brand new one no questions asked especially with it ONLY lasting ONE MONTH & 3 DAYS
Dec 31, 2022
Dec 29, 2022
Shopper.This item doesnt even work, it was brought as a gift. The person really liked the look of it and was happy to get it, but when he tried to use it, it didnt work. Unsatisfied with the item, will see what can be done about it.
Dec 23, 2022
Dec 19, 2022
Nov 19, 2022
No fluid.No lighter fluid, have to buy seperate for 7 bucks
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