Zevo Instant Action Flying Insect Killer Repellent for Flies Gnats Fruit Flies & Other Flying Insects (10 oz) | Indoor Outdoor Use | Bio-Selective Pet People Friendly Safe | 10 Oz Bottle

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Dec 06, 2022
Does nothing but coat everything in oil.I've used this to attempt to kill gnats and fruit flies. It does nothing. It does contain an oil that gets on everything. That really limits where you can spray it. I have fogged an entire 10x10 room and the gnats and/or fruit flies are not affected at all.
Nov 08, 2022
Didnt really help sorry.Sprayed and flies didnt die no matter how many times I usd it
Nov 02, 2022
Works great it's horrible aside of that. Sticky and wet and gets everywhere.I used to get this to kill an accident literally knock them right out of the sky other on the cabinets and the naps that went on to the cabinets died instantly bought it was horribly messy. Got all over the floor and cabinets and I would never use it around animals
Oct 28, 2022
That you can use it around your pets.Use it in my house
Oct 21, 2022
Zevo bug spray.Wow! It zapped those nasty little knats in a second! I think I may have sprayed too much. The scent was overpowering BUT as I said, a learning experience. Anyway, it smelled good.
Oct 12, 2022
Oily residue you can slip on..Zevo's fly spray does kill the bugs pretty quickly. I spray this in my trash can and shower stall, (where I've seen them hanging out) and don't see them in there anymore. I'm not sure how this stuff works, but it's supposedly non-toxic. If you spray bugs in the air, they tend to drop to the floor and run around unable to fly. If you hit them directly and they'll stop moving. Sometimes the blast from the can knocks them somewhere else so I have no idea if they're dead or not. But, if you spray on
Oct 08, 2022
Dont buy! Rip off! Doesnt kill anything except me! Terrible smell!.Kill flyies! Doesnt kill anythingll
Oct 05, 2022
NOT PET SAFE!!.THIS PRODUCT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT PET SAFE! The I have been using for fly and fruit fly control in my camper. Always with well ventilation THANKFULLY! Noticed my dog having some allergy like respiratory irritation, but he tends to have seasonal allergies. So I didnt think much of it. Hadnt used in a few days and I sprayed a fly on my screen door this morning. I got an itchy throat and headache instantly and he sounds like hes got full on bronchitis! Not to mention the oily mess it leaves behind eve
Oct 01, 2022
Dont buy.Its a mess when you spray it gets on everything and I cant even get a refund so it was a total waste of money. The plug ins work great but not the spray .
Sep 27, 2022
doesn't work very well.didn't really get rid of fruit flies
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