Yuya - Republic Cosmetics Tinta multiusos "Yin Yang" de larga duracin para labios, ojos y mejillas con extracto de Aloe Vera

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Dec 30, 2022
Bueno.Es bonito el color, dura lo suficiente en los labios y no reseca . Lo volvera a comprar
Dec 29, 2022
Es bueno.Se lo regale a la chica que me gusta, y le dur por mucho tiempo y lo usaba casi todos los das, por varios meses, as que lo recomiendo ampliamente.
Dec 27, 2022
Muy buena pigmentacin.Color muy lindo y sper buena pigmentacin
Dec 26, 2022
No dura mucho..Duracin mnima, no se queda en los labios por mucho tiempo. No lo recomiendo!
Dec 26, 2022
Me encantan.Me encantan son ideales para pieles sencibles, son muy lindas yo las amo
Dec 22, 2022
No es lo que esperaba, no tiene buena pigmentacin y en los labios ni siquiera se nota.N/A
Dec 22, 2022
It hardly pigments. It does not have good pigment and it does not last at all
Dec 22, 2022
10/10. The packaging and design with my favorites, they are very beautiful. As for its function; its consistency is light, good pigmentation, with little it leaves juicy and natural lips (obviously if you want more intensity, it depends on the amount you use, I like to use little). The texture is good, it does not leave (in my case) dry lips, the smell is delicious (take it into account for people who do not like the aroma of makeup products). In my case, if it lasts a long time and sometimes if I get to
Dec 22, 2022
It's good. To my taste, the tone is a bit light, but it looks very natural, I put two layers to make it last longer.
Dec 21, 2022
Duration. Excellent colors, fixation.
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