Wsdcam 113dB Bike Alarm Wireless Vibration Motion Sensor Waterproof Motorcycle Alarm with Remote

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Dec 31, 2022
Impressively loud!.This easy to use and easy to install device is a wonderful way to add an extra layer of protection against bike theft. I use it every single time I park my bike!
Dec 28, 2022
Love This Alarm.Love this alarm gives me a peace of mind to have on my bikes
Dec 26, 2022
Low Key, small, & loud.Low key in between my pedals, the device is louder than I thought with a click of a button. Easy assembly.
Dec 23, 2022
Es perfecta.Perfecta
Dec 22, 2022
Awesome product but it would be better if it has two way remote.Awesome product but it would be better if it has two way remote
Dec 19, 2022
Motion detection is pretty accurate and the sound it produces definitely warns!.Just what I needed!
Dec 19, 2022
Overall great, gives me a better sense of security.The media could not be loaded. I really like this alarm. It's awesome for the price. It's loud, sensitive and for the most part reliable. I've had it for 3 months now and use it very often for my e-bike. The only thing I dont like about it is that sometimes it doesnt arm when i need it to. It might have something to do with it being left out in the cold for months since I lock my bike outside of my home or it might be that thecover isnt on tight enough. When I play with it a little and push the
Dec 18, 2022
Super easy alarm. Small enough to hide.Gives warning chirp. Give siren if continue movement
Dec 16, 2022
This alarm is easy to use and effective.The alarm is small, easy to set up, and sensitive to light vibration, giving a warning chirp before sounding off. The remote control works great. Adhesive pads are included and i used them to attach the alarm inside a storage pod we needed during a remodel. The pod was broken into on the first night, but hasnt been touched again since I attached two of these alarms to the inside of the door. The warning chirp sounds when the handle or lock is touched.
Dec 16, 2022
works for me, my bike is 1,200 dollars. i think an alarm is mandatory..works for me. my bike is 1,200 dollars. i think an alarm is mandatory
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