Victorinox Swiss Army Spray for Men, 3.4 Ounce

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Dec 28, 2022
Perfectas condiciones, lleg 1 da antes de que se llegara el plazo para hacer la devolucin..Llego tarde pero cumpli su comentado, fue para tegalo
Dec 19, 2022
Good price. It is at a very good price, the fixer is good, it lasts a few hours and has the same smell as many years ago, as well as the metal bottle that looks a bit small but is 100ml
Dec 09, 2022
Swiss Army for men. Excellent purchase, its aroma is soft, fresh
Dec 06, 2022
I recommend it. I really liked the perfume
Dec 05, 2022
Get ready for the compliments ..I had to come back to this one, smells amazing. Just got back from a date first thing she said omg you smell amazing. This was the only cologne I would spray on back in high school, nothing but good compliments from females. Honestly I get more compliments on this Classic than my YSL, Phantom, The One or Valentino
Oct 25, 2022
Good scent.Very good scent at a reasonable price. Scent is not cloying and has resemblance to baby powder which I find pleasing. Longevity could be better, but it is acceptable.
Oct 10, 2022
Little duration time.the smell lasts for very few hours, average 4 hours
Sep 23, 2022
It is Fake and it does not smell and it does not last more than 15 minutes on your skin. This lotion is not original, it is a lousy copy, I have used this lotion for many years and I have never had one so bad, the smell is not the same as the original, and it doesn't last more than 20 minutes, I literally bathe in it to see if it smells like anything but after 15 or 20 minutes it doesn't smell like anything anymore, what a disappointment, don't waste your money
Sep 22, 2022
Love it!.This is one of my favorite to wear. I like the way it smells and it stays with me for awhile I think.
Aug 19, 2022
La confiable.Buen producto
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