Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam, 4K+1080P Front and Rear, 1440P+1080P Front and Inside, 1440P+1080P+1080P Three Way Triple C

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Mar 23, 2023
Bought 2.Easy to install, great Quality, wish it had an app to offload video to your phone
Mar 22, 2023
turns on and off.. cord or camera malfunctioning
Mar 22, 2023
SD Cards hard to remove.Dear Vantrue. Here's a handy little tip. Make the SD card slot easier to remove a card. I just watched my $ 50.00 Vantrue SD card go down the front windshield defroster vent as it flew out of my fingers while I struggled to get it out. Wasn't even 8 hours old. Fan*******tastic.
Mar 22, 2023
T2 Power Cable Potential Fire Hazzard.Terribly designed cable from model T2 eventually became loose enough (probably from vibrations caused by driving) and sparked, began to smoke. I managed to unplug it in time before my vehicle caught fire. Brought it up with customer service and potentially getting a discount on an upgraded unit that may be better designed and their offer was very measly/ Look elsewhere, there are plenty of competitor alternatives that have better user interface and phone integration at this price range. And ho
Mar 21, 2023
Very good image quality.The image quality is great. The ease of use is sometimes not so great. This camera sometimes has issues formatting memory cards, taking multiple attempts and power cycles before it'll format the card.
Mar 20, 2023
Overall: Reliable & durable vehicle camera.Pros: Three way camera is versatile & enhances security. Durable in -10+ and 110+ degree weather conditions. Better than average video footage. Cons: Frames per second isnt the best to capture needed details. No app to upload videos to for review & efficiency. Not WiFi enabled. Overall: Ive had two devices on my semi-truck for two years and both are still working extremely well.
Mar 20, 2023
Good quality camera, but....Got this as a Christmas gift, as I just bought a new car and wanted some added security. Overall I enjoy it, and would recommend it, but there's some things to note: Pros: Camera quality is great. I love that it has parking mode as well, which I think everyone should be using if you have a nice car. It was also very easy to install by myself. Cons: Unfortunately, this thing falls off my windshield every so often - very annoying! Also forget about actually putting the rear facing camera on your
Mar 20, 2023
Do not recommend this for delivery people. Has no WiFi..I work for UberEats, and found out this particular camera has excellent front camera recording quality (4K) & also 1080p interior & rear cameras. Very useful for those of you who want to record your drives, esp. if you taxi passengers, for liability purposes. However, I am very disappointed this camera lacks Wi-Fi capability to interface with a smartphone, so Vantrue's mobile app doesn't work with this camera, and we can't use third-party GPS apps with this camera. Not very recommended for deli
Mar 18, 2023
Awful.The camera itself is nice I purchased this camera 1yr ago. I didn't have any issues until a month ago. The became the video became fuzzy and skipped during part of a recorded event. I contacted customer support the asked to provide video which I did. Once the video was provided they never responded. I followed up via email and submitted another ticket online. I have yet to hear from customer support. I'm in the market for a new camera and I will not purchase another product from their brand.
Mar 18, 2023
Cant view on laptop.Everything is very good about the camera except the cable to the rear camera is not nearly long enough for my small truck and they dont offer a longer cable or an extension. I have a 2017 Tacoma w a topper. More importantly I cannot view the videos on my Mac laptop. It doesnt work. Also service is not as advertised. I sent an email to which they replied that I would be contacted by tech support within 24 hours. They havent responded in 4 days. On a smaller note I find the instruction book inadeq
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