Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam, 2.5K 1440P Front Dash Cam, Front and Inside Loop Dash Camera with Infrared Night Vis

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Dec 30, 2022
Awful Customer Service & Firmware.I purchased this in July 2022 and used until the end of November without needing to playback any video. When I went to review a video it played 100 times faster than normal speed and there was no way to slow it down even with using VLC and other programs. I searched help articles and tried several things including turning off the loop recording and different sized SD cards to no avail. The files were also corrupted. I emailed their support several times without a response. I bought this camera b
Dec 28, 2022
AWESOME..except suction cup.I have a uniden radar detector with suction cup, the suction cup works AWESOMETHIS one, the Vantrue, keeps falling off, would have given 5 star, except for that..
Dec 28, 2022
Great quality.Great quality
Dec 19, 2022
Nice camera.Good
Dec 15, 2022
Saves $$$.Just had an accident, the other person lied, police couldnt determine fault, this camera showed we were in the right, their insurance company determined through this video that their person was at fault, so saved us $8000+
Dec 15, 2022
Highly recommend.So far so good. Its better than any other dash cam I bought. Hopefully it stays this way!.
Dec 13, 2022
Regret that I purchased this model. Stopped working..Disliked that the camera only lasted less than 1 year. This is TRASH! Just to get to the battery, you have to dismantle this Dash Cam into pieces to see IF The Problem is the Battery and if it needs to be replaced even though It's plugged into the USB Car charger. The Dash Cam doesn't power on once the car starts. The message is that the battery is low. VANTRUE Support has never gotten back to me after I asked for help 4 days ago through their technical support. My Roav Dash Cam still works grea
Dec 12, 2022
Great protection!.I bought my first dash cam because I wanted to be able to show some of the wild things I've seen while driving, and it prevented us from being sued by someone that hit us and then lied about the facts (case withdrawn after video was submitted as evidence). I marked the quality of the picture down because we were almost hit head-on and I couldn't identify the license number of the vehicle. He sideswiped the car behind us, and I gave them a flash drive with the video from the incident - no idea if
Dec 10, 2022
Check item before shipping pls..I bought an used one, the sucker was not working, no handbook either, they really should check it before shipping.
Dec 07, 2022
Love it for my long drives.So I got this cause I was going to be commuting few states away and the way people drive I wanted one for a while. This one with the inside camera for when I do ride shares or to kind of see out back if someone came close etc. Anyways I set it up on a time lapse that does clips every xx seconds you want it. So it did a cool time lapse video shorter than the drive so saved on the memory card space. Its pretty clear and when im following someone I can clearly get their license plate so perfect for
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