Urgrette 4 Pack Butane Torch Lighters, 6-inch Refillable Pen Lighter Adjustable Jet Flame Butane Lighter for Grill BBQ Campin

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Mar 23, 2023
Hate em.These are great for not getting too close to the flame but in all honestly I had problems with two already. The first wouldn't fill, the propane spilled all over the sides onto my hands. The second will flicker on and off. So I should of stuck with the stubby torch lights i'm used to. I guess that's good as they make em.
Mar 21, 2023
These can be dangerous and should be used with care.People should equip themselves with their own toolset. Rarely would I suggest gifting these to someone randomly. Certain aspects to this jet lighter, such as the propensity to be ignited upside down, or improperly, exposing one to possible burns to themself. Other than the no childproofing, this style works great. Utilitarian and multipurpose, adjustable jet strength.
Mar 17, 2023
These little lighters f'n rock..I will edit this review if things change. I have used this about a month, nightly, to start fires. I filled it up at the beginning of the month. It seems about half full now. I wanted something better for shrink tubing and starting fires. Lighters suck in the wind. These don't. I figured I'd use more butane, but I probably don't, because I use this for much shorter periods because it works so well. This thing is larger than a normal cigarette lighter, but smaller than a grill lighter. It's a
Mar 09, 2023
Works very well.Been using for a while now.Built well withstands being dropped fills easily..
Mar 08, 2023
These worked great.They took a beating and kept working. I used them for all sorts of things. Melting hot glue, smoking, starting fires. Things that take them way past the amount of time your supposed to keep on for and they didn't fry up. There's a plastic divider between the hot end and the handle that can get soft but even when I bent them they still lit and worked great. Most of the time the piezo sparker on these kind of lighters craps out before anything else, but not these and the wire that goes from the pi
Mar 03, 2023
Not so good.A couple of them don't work
Mar 01, 2023
Problems refueling.I love the style a n d shape but every one of them I've had more problems trying to refill them. Sad because I like the lighters and people don't try to steal them.
Feb 27, 2023
4 pack butane torch lighter.You get a set of 4, different colors butane torch lighters. The flame is adjustable, strong and efficient. They are easy to light. Filling is a little harder, but once you get that you have to remove the base piece and then fill, it works well. There is a fuel window which is helpful. Having said all of this, I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful. All of my reviews reflect my honest, personal experience with the reviewed item - your experience may be different. I am n
Feb 27, 2023
handy.works like it should
Feb 23, 2023
Great product, great value for the price.price..Very easy to use. Not hard to light. Great value for the price. Would make a great gift.
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