Upgraded Faraday Bag for Key Fob (2 Pack),Premium Faraday Key Fob Protector Car RFID Signal Blocking, Car Security Protectio

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Mar 20, 2023
works good.the pouch does stop the fob from emitting its signal. just started using it, how long it will last time will tell.
Mar 19, 2023
Great price for two..I like the quality.
Mar 11, 2023
It really works.Very nice i tried them i happy
Mar 10, 2023
This item definitely prevents item from scammers..Runs small.will protect yourcharge cards or keys to car.
Mar 08, 2023
Great product.I like this pouch because it allows me to put house and garage keys on the attached ring outside of the pouch, while protecting and stopping RF from the FOB with the ring and chain from inside it. Other than that - it works.
Mar 07, 2023
My car found the hidden key.Product advertised as able to hide extra key inside car. Although well-hidden I thought, my car would not allow me to lock it and told me my key was inside the car. Product returned.
Mar 03, 2023
Very sturdy.Works great
Feb 23, 2023
THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKS!!.After delivery we tested the effectivenes of this product against our two cars. With the FOB securely in the pouch there was NO response from either vehicle when trying to unlock/lock the doors or starting the engine. Since some automobile manufacturers have built key fobs to transmit their key code continuously so that you can access the car and start the engine without removing the fob from packet or purse (as a matter of covenience) that means that thieves can traverse neighborhoods with moni
Feb 22, 2023
It works as described.Sturdy for its purpose, it's tight to get the fob out of it but it'll probably loosen over time.
Feb 21, 2023
Works but.....They aren't built to last. Haven't had but a short time was falling apart. Even the 2 I gifted are as well. Maybe bed batch. Won't buy again.
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