Uniden R3 EXTREME LONG RANGE Laser/Radar Detector, Record Shattering Performance, Built-in GPS w/ Mute Memory, Voice Alerts,

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Dec 30, 2022
Thoroughly impressed.I have always bought Cobra Radars for the last two decades and the latest one I purchased was a 480i which have incredible range but my GLS Benz safety systems would constantly set off the radar. So I ventured over to Uniden R3 after reading several hundred reviews and decided to try it out. Man was I impressed with Everything. The Ka filtering right out of the box was spot on, The Range is unbelievable and extremely accurate. This will definitely be my go to Radar detector from here on out. If
Dec 28, 2022
Radar detector.Absolutely a great product well worth the money
Dec 18, 2022
Wow.Best Radar ive ever had! I feel safe. Better Waze. It verbally tells me about speed cameras and red light cameras out loud early enough to slow down. Very little Ka Band alerts . Its lovley. I also love the big suction cup for the window. The small double cups are cheap and can't with stand the weather. Im still trying to figure out how to adjust the speed limit alert because, in NY its 6 miles over b4 the photo is taken.
Dec 13, 2022
Great product..works great.Suction cups are horrible
Dec 09, 2022
Sucction powerrrr on the mount.Great radar, great suction on the mount. What more can you ask for?
Dec 09, 2022
Did not detect radar of any bands and/or frequencies.The GPS function worked, the auto-test performed upon every start, but for whatever reason, this R3 did not detect radar at all, anywhere, ever. I had this unit installed in my car for approximately 2 weeks and would pass a permanently placed radar-based speed indicator on the highway near my house. My skepticism grew each day, first into concern and eventually to disappointment. I spent a lot of money on this item and was hoping to get what I paid for. I will be ordering thru the official websi
Dec 04, 2022
Uniden R3 radar detector.A good radar detector at a reasonable price
Dec 03, 2022
One of the best.The radar detection, and range is mind blowing. Picks up radar with plenty of time to adjust driving or speed before being seen.
Nov 30, 2022
Buttons malfunction.I love this radar its the best one for your buck, this is my second one for my other car, it just sucks how the backlight color buttons dont work they dont function or feel the same as my other one, support doesnt reach out
Nov 28, 2022
Very good Especially for this price point.I Purchased, another one that was cheaper, but it kept going off continually expand This one is very good. And you can set quiet time So if youre going through a parking lot, it doesnt freak out.
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