Uniden R3 EXTREME LONG RANGE Laser/Radar Detector, Record Shattering Performance, Built-in GPS w/ Mute Memory, Voice Alerts,

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Mar 21, 2023
NICE UPGRADE TO MY OLD UNIDEN.My 20-year-old Uniden is now retired. Nice to have the same familiar audible warnings.
Mar 10, 2023
Does the job. Great value..Does the job.
Mar 07, 2023
was easy to install, gives me peace of mind..My Escort died and I replaced it with this one. I did a lot of due diligence and it paid off as I am very pleased with this one. I would buy it again.
Mar 06, 2023
This thing is crazy.Works amazing, there are so many awesome features. Ill be driving and it will go off from a cop a mile down the road on a side road facing the other direction, if they are coming towards me it will go off multiple miles down the road
Mar 05, 2023
Works well.It has a few false alerts I believe from car sensors on k ban But some police in this area still use Kban Overall very happy with this purchase
Mar 02, 2023
Can't hear it and stops displaying after 15 months on a 12 month warranty..It cost me over $300 for this radar detector and although the detection range is great, if the radio is on at any volume at all, I can't hear it. I saw that as a complaint in the reviews but bought it anyway thinking they were just whiners. But today 02-28-2023, just 15 months after purchase, the screen stopped working. And guess what, the warranty is only for a year. And it's $87 to send it in for them to possibly fix it. I didn't even use it that much as the Camaro stays in the garage most of
Mar 01, 2023
No Mo POPO.When you drive like you are late for your first born childs wedding every time you leave the driveway or you just love your right foot flat on the floor on your way to Wally World this is what you need ! Those road trip games of beat the GPS arrival times will be much more fun without speeding tickets!!! This thing will sniff out the Smokeys from miles away and leave them with plenty of time for jelly donuts . Hey what else will they be able to do ?
Feb 26, 2023
Youll have a ticket by the time it lets you know youre being scanned...Does its job, just not to well.
Feb 25, 2023
This Radar Detector is amazing.This is THE best bang for your buck. It detects super far. Has so many customizable modes. Its fantastic. Dont cheap out!
Feb 24, 2023
huge lifesaver.So I love this... But I need to buy a new window mount due to loss but cannot find the right one please help
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