Uniden DFR1 Long Range Laser and Radar Detection, 360 Protection, City and Highway Modes, Easy-to-Read Color Icon Display wi

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Mar 22, 2023
Does not plug in to newer vehicles that don't have cigarette lighter ports.Worked great until I got a new truck. The new vehicles don't come with cigarette lighter ports!
Mar 22, 2023
Saved my butt..This little guy works great.
Mar 19, 2023
Good quality!.I hear a lot of people saying how it doesn't go off that much, but take it from me who's been running radar detectors for over 30 years, when your radar detector goes off for every little thing, you tend to not trust it. I bought this radar detector for a trip with my family to the Florida Keys. During the trip, it showed its worth. I have radar detectors in all of my family's cars and bought this one for a travel bag that I keep for traveling to put in rental cars. It has since made its way int
Mar 18, 2023
My old Uniden is superior to this one!.I paid for a replacement cord and now use my old uniden as it is better than this one! I put both in my car and hooked them up to react at the same time, The old one was much better I paid for an expensive cord!
Mar 15, 2023
I got everything for the radar besides the cord to turn it on..Didn't give me the cord to get it to work
Mar 13, 2023
Doesn't pick up police signals or speed cameras..Does not work. Doesn't pick up police signals or speed cameras. Doesnt stick to Windshield.
Mar 13, 2023
Ehhhh.I mean for what you pay for it I guess you get. My eyes are better. If a cop doesnt have his radar on and hes just sitting there nothing will happen so essentially its like having nothing at all. For the first 2 days I didnt hear a single beep and thought it didnt work. When it did finally pick something up it was accurate but Ive also had a fair share of false readings. I would say this, if youre already really good at spotting the police with your eyes dont buy it. Just use Waze and keep a eye
Mar 12, 2023
Not as sensitive as an expensive one but.......It's not as sensitive as an expensive one, but it works. Very few false alarms. As it is not sensitive one must hit the brakes immediately upon hearing the detector alarm, because the radar trap is not far! For the price, this thing is a 5 star product!!!! I'd consider purchasing another tbh.
Mar 10, 2023
Had both the R7 and DFR1 and this works better for me, Read why!.Of course this is not better than the mighty R7 but I live in a city where 95% of cops and highway patrol turn of their radar, Daily I pass them with this or the R7 and no detection and how can you detect a radar that is turn of bit when they turned on both d we detectors are able to sense the frequency with no problem, First of all just because this is ab$50 radar do not assume you are buying an entry level Cobra or Whistler that is going to give all false alerts and both one real alert, This D
Mar 09, 2023
Doesnt stick to Windshield..I had to spent $16 extra to order a working mount because the mount that comes with the radar doesnt stick at all.
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