Torch Lighters 2 Pack Triple Jet Flame Butane Lighter 3 Flame Torch Cigar Lighter Fluid Refillable Jet Lighter-Butane Not Included (Black & Silver)

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Mar 20, 2023
Great Lighters for the Money.Can't imagine there are better lighters out there for the same money. These have auto flip tops, which make them nicer than some other options. Easy to fill and adjust the flame. Not a lighter I would carry in my pocket, just due to the size, it would be a great addition to any go-bag, junk drawer, or truck console.
Mar 19, 2023
Striker is not reliable.Everytime I use this lighter, I have to strike it 5 -10 times before it lights. Don't buy!
Mar 01, 2023
doesn't last at all under light use.These are very poorly made, quality control on 4 lighters is non existent. All 4 have broken in less than 6 months. These lighters are used for their intended purpose for short bursts of time. EVERY one has stopped working. So disappointing-
Feb 26, 2023
Good price.Good price not perfect but gets the job done..
Feb 25, 2023
didn't work after about 45 days, no matter how many times you clicked it..doesn't last long. was always hard to light, now they both don't at all. worthless, and now it's too late to return the stupid things.
Feb 16, 2023
Easy to fill.Works right out of box just have to fill triple flame comes in handy in high winds
Feb 12, 2023
The fire are strong..Easy to use.
Feb 09, 2023
Junk straight out of the box.I got these a while back and one never functioned properly and the other one broke after a couple of months.
Feb 09, 2023
Cheap cigar lighters.These cigar lighters are weak. DO NOT PURCHASE. Im looking to replace with other lighters after only two weeks. They were CHEAP. You get what you pay for.
Feb 08, 2023
Quality.Very fast delivery. Came in lovely gift box which gave good first impression. Appears very well made and is the kind of item I am happy to use and show off. Works impeccably, lights immediately, and seems superbly wind proof. Now, if it holds up to long use, then I will be extremely satisfied.
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