Torch Lighter, Kollea Double Jet Flame Refillable Butane Lighter, Windproof Pocket Lighter with Punch and Stand, Cool Idea Gi

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Mar 22, 2023
Dont waste your money, it doesnt light all the time if at all.Its a nice design but it just doesnt function / light properly, kinda defeats the purpose no
Mar 17, 2023
Worked great....for awhile.Mine lasted about 4 months before it became a paper weight. I really enjoyed using it. The only thing I didn't like was the inability to see the flame outside during the day very so sometimes I would torch the side of the cigar.
Mar 13, 2023
runs out of fuel fast.ran out of fuel fast and now it doesn't take the fuel either
Mar 12, 2023
Neat, sleek and super discreet..Quality surpass expectations. Clear instructions on how to maintain and refill. Fuel tank inside has pink contrast window to indicate the amount of fuel is stored within. Four second means four seconds when filling butane. Less is better than more that will bleed out and freak you out.
Mar 10, 2023
Awesome lighter.This is a nice lighter, the flame is good and I love the built in cigar punch at the bottom. The other good feature is the view window which helps you to know when the lighter is almost empty
Mar 07, 2023
Great Style.It looks very expensive and works great! Lots of compliments!
Mar 07, 2023
Hard to fill with butane..Decent lighter but is hard to fill with butane.
Mar 06, 2023
Great.I collect lighters. This is one is one of my favorites. Slim great look. Heavy but worth its weight. The flame is like a torch. Great lighter!
Mar 04, 2023
Buyer Beware!.I started having issues from the first day I received it. Apparently the tank is defective and will not hold fuel. I emailed the seller just days after and nothing was done about it. I do not recommend!
Mar 04, 2023
Work great.I like this lighter, I come with a nice box, this is my first butane lighter so I cant say it the best or worse. But I been using it a few day so far it work great. Very comfortable holding and fire it up nicely. The flames is perfect . I recommend this product
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