The Leaf Razor (Silver) - Eco friendly body and head shaver with pivoting head

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Dec 26, 2022
Good product but broke after 1.5 months.Was a good product for when it worked but the Pivoting Head broke mid shave and caused me to scalp my head. Dont know why it broke, only used it once a week to shave my head. Would have given it a 5 star but Ive had Gillette shavers last longer than this.
Dec 25, 2022
Incredible customer support.After using my razor for over a year, the screw simply wouldnt tighten properly. I contacted the company to inquire about a replacement screw, and was shocked that they offered to send me a replacement razor, even though I live abroad! It was simply above and beyond what I expected, and my new razor arrived a few weeks later. If I wasnt already a devoted Leaf Shave customer, I certainly would be now.
Dec 21, 2022
Not perfect, but the best so far for body shaving.I bought this in black a few months ago with the sleeve and shave soap from the companys main website. Good feel and grip for shower shaving. Not a perfect close shave, but good enough, and at least as good as all the disposable brands Ive tried. I love how I can change the blades as frequently as I want to get a consistently sharp shave with a lot less waste. Its also so much faster and less of a learning curve than a DE razor. I use the Twig for tight areas like bikini. The duo is a good combo
Dec 06, 2022
Not great for women.I wanted very badly for the Leaf to replace my plastic disposable razors, but it just hasn't worked well for me. I purchased my razor directly from the Leaf website and for the price, it's been disappointing. In the future I hope Leaf can create a women's-specific razor with 3 blades which is lightweight, has plenty of grip, doesn't catch hair and can get into tight spaces. Until then, I'll be looking for an alternative since I'm not able to get a good shave with this. Here are some notes on my
Dec 05, 2022
Not saving money for a terrible shave.Ive used this razor for about a month now, giving it every benefit of the doubt, but its no better than the disposable bics you get from a truck stop. The blades it comes with went dull about halfway through shaving my head, so I bought a pack of Van Der Hagen. They lasted a full shave, but it wasnt a very close shave. I tried some Japanese brand that had tons of 5 star reviews, but the results still left me with a rough shave. 1 blade, 2 blades, and 3 blades. Could not get a good shave without
Dec 04, 2022
Useless.Razor broke after 3 uses, pins fell out making it a useless paperweight
Dec 04, 2022
Avoids user error. Read the instructions.This is my favorite safety razor Ive ever used. I wont go back to using any other safety razor. I genuinely like the swivel head. This makes it very easy to use. I highly recommend reading the instructions or watching the video when installing and reinstalling the blades. While you do not have to use all three blades, you do need to install them correctly. During the first use, I installed all three blades. When changing the blades, I thought I would try two blades to compare, as that is an opti
Dec 03, 2022
Just cant anymore!.I gave this thing a real good try. 3+ months. It cut and knicked from the start. I assumed I needed to give my head time to adjust. It never did. I used blades that came with it, knicks all over. I used three different brand of blades, all knicked the same. Its not the blades, this razor is so rigid and unforgiving its rediculous. I wish I gave up within the return window, but I really wanted it to work. Stupidly expensive.
Nov 29, 2022
Takes some getting used to.This is a sturdily-built and stylish razor. It takes some getting used to - the weight of it and the physics of the razor itself. I have tried it with 3 and 2 blades. 2 works well for me most of the time. It isn't a 1-for-1 with typical multi-blade, flap-pivot razors; there is definitely a retro feel to it all. It is hard to get into tight spots (under the nose), so a backup one-blade razor will come in handy. I am still adapting to it for shaving my head and face.
Nov 23, 2022
Best razor EVER!.My husband gifted me one quite some time ago, honestly thought he was nuts! After using it, I thought he was a genius. Used it everyday...until it died. So...I GOT ANOTHER ONE!! It is now the only razor I will use.
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