SoundBox Connected 0 Gauge Red/Black Amplifier Power/Ground Wire Set, 50 Ft. Cables

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Feb 08, 2023
Great quality and price.Easy to use and flexible
Jan 11, 2023
Maybe 4ga... maybe....I mean it's pretty flexible it's well encased. Just wayyy less than 1/0ga. Probably make great subwoofer speaker wire, or something in the 2000w and lower power range. 6 runs of this I could pull 350ish amps at my amp. 6 runs of actual 0ga took me north of 500 amps
Jan 07, 2023
Jun 02, 2022
Almost burned my truck down.I used this wire for the big three on my STOCK alt putting out 140 amps cooked this wire save your money BUY OFC wire and don't make my mistake
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