SoundBox Connected 0 Gauge Red Amplifier Amp Power/Ground 1/0 Wire 25 Feet SuperFlex Cable 25'

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Jun 21, 2022
Wire works.I used it
May 07, 2022
True 0 gauge CCA wire..The cost is going up on everything, but is still just as good of a product as always. I am running the big 3 0 gauge upgrade for my 300 amp Excessive Amperage High Output Alternator. It worked well for that. I also used the same wire to run to my battery bank in the trunk. Voltage stays over 14.3V. I will be adding another 0 gauge run along side my current one for more current flow. It is CCA, so you should probably go a couple sizes in diameter larger than recommended. Good quality for what it
Apr 20, 2022
It's just ok.Not true 0 guage so I'm doing 2 runs. Other than that it's not terrible.
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