Skar Audio TWS-01 1-Inch 240 Watt Max Power Neodymium Silk Dome Tweeters, Pair

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Mar 20, 2023
Low volume.They should sound a little louder
Mar 17, 2023
I cant hear them.It might be me but I cant hear them. I also am at a loss as to which lead is positive and which is negative. Theres a solid black wire and a red with black stripe wire coming from the tweeter and they connect to a solid red and a red with black stripe wire going into the capacitor. Then a solid red wire and a black with red stripe wire coming out of the capacitor. Im totally confused. But then again, Im old so theres that.
Mar 08, 2023
Can't go wrong!!!.Great tweeters. At this price, you can't go wrong. Amazing upgrade from stock tweeters. Easy install. Fits perfectly in 2012 - 2015 Honda CRV. Needed Zero modification. Good Speaker wire and hardware included.
Mar 03, 2023
Works great. Noticeable difference.I actually notice the highs which is shocking to me lol. I'm not really a sound head so this was a little surprise. I'm pleased with it. Now I just need a subwoofer from them to hit those lows.
Mar 01, 2023
Blew after a month.Didnt last a month
Feb 23, 2023
Great addition to old cars!.I installed these tweeters on the sail panels of my 2000 Toyota rav4. Total time of installation was about 2 hours. They improved the overall sound of my stock speaker system from a 3/10 to a 7/10. If you have a 20+ year old car and can't stand the muddy sound, these will be an instant improvement for a small cost. However, if you're looking for the absolute highest quality audio, I'd look elsewhere
Feb 22, 2023
Bad quality.Had them on truck for less than month. They both burn. Not gonna lie when they were connected the tweeters where good sound but didn't last. Waited for a while to write my final review. Bad experience. I definitely need sum tweeters but might go with different brand. Maybe it was juts one of 100 that came out bad. Well hope it helps someone
Feb 18, 2023
Perfect.I bought these not expecting much and they blew me away I hooked them straight to my existing door speakers and had no problems. Added that missing pice to my sound system
Feb 17, 2023
Crispy.Nice upgrade for any setup
Feb 17, 2023
Well made..Don't waste money on name brands. You'll be happy with these.
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