Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, 768 count, Made for Sensitive Skin with Flip Top Dispenser Baby Wipes Only

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Mar 17, 2023
These are THE perfect wipes.Ive tried a wide range of wipes looking for something with minimal ingredients- safe for baby and sensitive skin and using all over even on the face for clean ups on the go. These are the only ones so far to do everything I need - they are sturdy enough to clean a heavy Dootie Poo - soft enough to wipe the face from food mess. The never give any skin reactions or redness after using unlike a couple other clean brands. They have no scent. They have a nice flip top. They are thick enough that you
Mar 16, 2023
Changed formula!.These WERE our favorite for a long long time. The only ones we used to be able to use that wouldnt break out our sensitive littles bum. However. The most recent box we received smelled awfully chemically and broke out my littles skin. The smell was so pungent it took my breath away, even my husband who cant smell worth a crap could tell a difference. Its a shame because these were so good, now I have to go through and find a new wipe that wont break out my little again.
Mar 14, 2023
Changed the wipe texture/fabric and formula?.1. Is the company officially changed the wipe texture? Before it was just normal wipe without patterns on it and it was strong and stretchy. It performed excellent. Now it has textures of duck and leaf which is easy to tear. It is soft, yes but it does not perform well compared to the "old" one? Is there a way I can get the old one or is they no longer produced? 2. Before it was soapy feeling which I LOVED and now it is kind of "abrasive" when wiping? I used the brand for years until they....ch
Mar 10, 2023
Strong and effective.Compared to every major brand we've tried, these wipes are far thicker and stronger, tearing during use far less often. They're not slippery like some and don't leave behind hardly any soap residue or smell. Another brand also caused our newborn to break out a bit, while these did not. Highly recommend.
Mar 09, 2023
Makes your butt burn like fire!.Do not use! These made my butt burn like fire. My sister also tested them out and the same thing happened. I cant imagine using on a sensitive baby butt! Horrible!!!!!!!
Mar 07, 2023
Sheets not interleaved.The wipes are fine, but the sheets were not interleaved in any of the packs. Not a deal breaker, but frustrating.
Feb 27, 2023
Hands Down Favorite Wipes.These are my all-time favorite wipes for quality and ingredients. This box didn't seem to have the plastic closure over the hole and had a clear strip you peel back every time (which I wasn't a fan of). I would prefer the one that snaps because it makes is easter to open and close.
Feb 26, 2023
Good trusted product.Everything good about the Seventh Generation baby wipes.
Feb 21, 2023
They do the job.We like them
Feb 10, 2023
Hard to pull just one.These were totally fine. My only beef with them is that when you pull when you get two or three out so that was kind of annoying. You have to have more than one hand to make sure you dont get a bunch out at once. Otherwise they are just dandy.
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