Schick Hydro 5 Sense Energize Razor with Shock Absorb Technology for Men, 1 Handle with 2 Refills 1 Count (Pack of 1)

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Feb 18, 2023
I'm going back to Gillette.I thought this razor did a great job and gave me a smooth shave. I felt the switchback tip and the extra locking swivel adjustments were not right for me... This doesn't mean that it isn't for somebody else. I also felt like I get more uses out of my Gillette Fusion before the blades become dull and I really miss the edging feature of the fusion.
Jan 20, 2023
Nice razor.Good but the Fusion 5 is still my favorite
Oct 20, 2022
Schick Hydro Sense Razor.I like these razors and have bought them before, so I bought them again. I had the one that ran on a battery and thought I would try the one without the battery. This razor works nice, the razor blade moves with the face and would buy again.
Oct 13, 2022
Non political company - Just what I like.Like many, I'm tired of corporations preaching their agendas to their customers. That holds true even if I agree with them. Schick, (Edgewell Personal Care) has your typical mumbo jumbo on sustainability & diversity listed on their site, but that's about it I don't see them telling their male customers that they should be feeling guilty for being masculine (Gillette take a hint). If they did, I wouldn't buy their products. Review... Razor blades are excellent. Close save. No nicks. I do wish t
Jul 30, 2022
excellent.All good, trouble finding elsewhere, they have changed to similar models that don't have as much flex in the head, just enough to tick me off!
Jul 25, 2022
Quite simply my favorite razor.Razor blades come in different numbers, prices, sharpness, etc. I love saving money but I also want quality for my money. This razor fits the bill perfectly. The blades last forever, are super sharp and glide across my face. I get a ton of use out of each cartidge. The flex of the head works beautifully to handle the angles of my jaw line. But the one feature that stands out for me is the unique way the head tilts away to expose the top most blade for trimming under my nose and evening out my
Jun 20, 2022
very easy and close shave..well balanced razor that gives a smooth and close shave. I prefer it over any other.
Jun 17, 2022
Spend more and get a good one.Leaves SO many razor bumps and blades dont work that well
Jun 04, 2022
Best shave ever.Ive always have sensitive and irritable skin. Always used the best of the best available at each moment. Schlick had always been an brand targeted at lower medium segments. Suddenly they launched this line years ago. I friend convinced me to try it. I did it with a grin. Now, the only thing better than this was the one they use to sell with a vibrating pulse. It really doesnt matter whether you use sensitive or any other of the varieties: they are all extremely good. All work with my skin. Outst
May 19, 2022
No more multi shaving blade razors for me..After shaving for 60 years, I had tried just about every brand of multi blade shavers. I don't have a heavy beard but I do have fairly sensitive skin. These expensive multi blade shavers just did not do a good job for me and with the cost of these things, they should have. I finally decided to teach myself how to shave all over again with an "old fashion" style safety razor. It was a bit of a learning curve getting the right shaver and blade combination but after about a month of experimentatio
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