STARBURST All Pink Fruit Chews Chewy Candy Bulk Pack, Sharing Size, 15.6 oz Bag (Pack of 6)

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Dec 19, 2022
Awesome thank you.Awesome
Dec 16, 2022
Love it.Starburst - enough said.
Dec 13, 2022
Exactly what it says it is.its good its yummy but theres nothing special about it
Dec 08, 2022
Favorite starburst.These are my favorite starburst!! They are soo hard to find now though. These are way overpriced but if you're like me and get a random super craving definitely splurge and get these.
Nov 04, 2022
All pink.Had to get the best flavor they make in a huge bag! So good
Oct 03, 2022
Greasy substance on bag.I purchased a bag of tropical starburst and when I opened the package, the bag of starburst and the bag it was packaged in was covered in a greasy substance. Not sure what it is but it is a little unsettling and makes me not want to eat them.
Sep 26, 2022
They arrived early, very fresh and soo YUMMY!.They arrived early, very fresh and soo YUMMY!
Aug 29, 2022
Very good and great quantity!.Pink is my favorite Starburst flavor. It's awesome that these are sold individually. They are very tempting and hard to stop eating. I have no complaints whatsoever on ordering these except maybe for the calories, haha. My fault though. I can literally go threw an entire bag in a day. I highly recommend you order these if you like the pink flavor. Cheers!
Aug 12, 2022
Pink Starburst.It's so awesome I can get this on Amazon. Big bag nicely priced and I used them at my baby shower. Of course I picked pink cause I'm having a girl
Jul 25, 2022
My favorite.Starburst is my favorite candy so I loved them of course. The price was a little more than I usually pay but factoring in that it was delivered than I won't and don't mind
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