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Dec 31, 2022
Horrible experience order from Gucci.com instead.My son who is in the Marines Corps came home for Christmas, I wanted to surprise him with a nice gift. I placed an order on December 20th, 2022. I paid an additional $25 for second day delivery. As of today December 30th I have not received the package. I contacted their customer service (their call center is located outside the US so be prepared to speak to non-english speaker from Latin America) and they simply said I had to wait another 3 days till they finish conducting an investigation. I
Dec 29, 2022
Rulis is Amazing.My experience shopping @NM has definitely changed!!!! Rulis makes it fun and less intimidating to shop! Most SA there are snobby and uninterested! So when I met this nice young man he made it fun for this 55yr old lady to have fun trying in new products and fragrances! Has hurt the wallet, but its all about the experience!!! I wish there were more stars to give
Dec 21, 2022
Broken filter.Filter only shows brands up to a certain letter (usually S or T). Please fix.
Dec 19, 2022
Horrible.This is the most hard to navigate, search or find anything at Neimans. Horribly designed. I go on line cause this is an artist view and commercial failure to me
Dec 16, 2022
Great app but.When I scroll through my favorites it always brings me back to the top. Other than that, this app is great.
Dec 11, 2022
App.The app is absolutely horrendous. It is immobile to maneuver the app!!!!
Dec 08, 2022
Horrible App.App glitch and shuts down easily. Chat with customer service not working (typed out a long message, hit send, and nothing. The message disappeared). WHERE IS THE INCIRCLE INFO!!! Its not listed at all in the app, and the online website just sends you to the app. There no way to check or use your Incircle points. This company can do better.
Dec 07, 2022
Doesnt Work.I have tried several times to buy but it never completes the sale. I have to use my desktop or iPad to make anything work. Sad that the iPhone will not work with this app.
Dec 03, 2022
Were did the style go?.What has happened to the Neiman Marcus app recently? All of a sudden they started populating images of women who look like hookers! Don't they understand that people are looking for a style and quality from Neiman Marcus!? Successful people who don't want to identify with people who compromise their values (especially as women) to achieve the good things in life! Also, with the new app and the new website returns aren't working. All of my orders say that everything has already been returned and
Dec 01, 2022
Christmas is Coming!.My daughter has had a rough start to high school, so I am surprising her with a bundle of things to go under a tree she doesnt think is cominglets just say she was skirting on the naughty list once or twice this yearbut her grades are STELLAR. Just a little black dress and her very own first designer dress coat from none other than Neimans. A gifted and talented vocalist, my 14 year-old will be directed to sing for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christin a historic church in our Nations Capital.
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