Mars Chocolate Favorites Halloween Candy Bars Variety Mix Bag (TWIX, MILKY WAY, SNICKERS, 3 MUSKETEERS, M&M'S Brands), 112.82 Oz, 375 Pieces Mixed 7 Pound (Pack of 1)

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Feb 19, 2022
All fresh tasting.Good chocolates
Feb 06, 2022
A lot of candy at a really good price.I'm on a very meager fixed income. I like that I can buy these huge 7lb bags of candy at reduced prices after the holiday. I divy it up into bags and freeze it so I have candy for months. Freezing it works really well.. I've ordered this candy a few times and so far it's always been fresh, without any chocolate bloom even if ordered in January. I live in a cooler climate so that might help with it arriving in great shape every time. If you like name brand chocolate candy, and lots of it, at a gr
Feb 03, 2022
Stale - old Halloween candy..Do not buy this - it is old, stale halloween candy. A big waste of money.
Jan 10, 2022
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