Lixada Fishing Bite Alarm Set,LED Wireless Fishing Bite and Fishing Rod with Water Resistant Adjustable Sound Alarm (Pack of

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Dec 13, 2022
Never miss a bite again!.I used these for carp fishing and they worked excellent. I like that you can change the volume of the alarm so I can turn down the volume when there are people around so I dont annoy them. Very easy to setup takes 1 9v battery and just turn it on and put your line through it and your ready to go! Make sure to turn your drag down very low on your reel then when the alarm goes off all you have to do is tighten your drag and set the hook and off you go!
Dec 12, 2022
3 er Set.Bestellung wie beschrieben .
Nov 16, 2022
Loud.Worked great, alarms are loud and light up when activated.
Oct 24, 2022
Super-Bissanzeiger.Bereits beim Starkregen getestet. Sie halten. Nutze sie seit ca. zwei Jahren intensiv und bei jedem Wetter. Super Teile. Die Pendeldinger bringens allerdings nicht. Fallen stndig ab. Musste mir eine alternativ holen. Daher ein Stern Abzug.
Oct 05, 2022
Very poor.Only used twice a two of the connections have bent, have tried to contact customer support but not having any luck,will not use this firm again
Sep 22, 2022
Not very durable but work OK.For the money, they're not bad. They work fine, will sound in a choice of noises when a Carp takes your bait for a run. The problem is that they aren't very durable. One has already split at the base where it screws into the rod holder - and i have made absolutely sure I didn't over tighten. The quality is also quite "mergh" as the battery compartment will not open on one of them. Considering the cost of branded alarms, they're OK, but don't expect top quality.
Aug 07, 2022
Not good at all.First time fishing with them and my line went straight though the plastic on the first fish.
Jul 28, 2022
Good value.If you are well into carp fishing then they are probably not for you.BUT i only get out a few times a year and these are great vale for my kind of fishing love them
Jul 27, 2022
buono.prodotto buono...venditore meno...
Jul 10, 2022
Good value for money.Good value for money. They work great, and the big plus is the s button.
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