Levi's Women's New Boyfriend Jeans

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Dec 29, 2022
Material was different too stretchy!! Very loose fit.This pant material was too loose after I wore them , washed them to see if maybe that would help with the fit better but did not! Cannot return them since I washed them!! Bummer , but your right size or smaller
Dec 28, 2022
Love these Levis.Perfect fit and rise. Stretch is amazing and so comfy!
Dec 25, 2022
Great For Hour Glass Figures.Purchased for my teenage daughter. She has that slim, but curvy figure and these fit great. Usually there's a lot of extra material in the waistband for my daughter when it comes to jeans. But these have the right amount of stretch and the fit is awesome. They're true to size and really accentuate her figure. Right amount of crop as well. Will definitely be purchasing more pairs.
Dec 23, 2022
Too big size down.Fits very loose. Not too flattering. Returned could be softer material too. Not worth the price.
Dec 16, 2022
May send back if they don't fit niece at Xmas.Little to big may not fit niece are a gift for Xmas ;ut don't fit then I'll be returning
Dec 06, 2022
Cheap cheap cheap.Fabric feels like thin paper. The cuff is thin and stitched into place. These are more of Jeffinfa than jeans and they are a horrible Capri length. Im 54 and they were ridiculously short
Dec 05, 2022
Nice jeans.Nice jeans
Dec 03, 2022
Nice Jeans.I like the jeans. They are comfortable but they have to much stretch to them.
Nov 30, 2022
These are the best slacks..These are the best slacks. The rolled hem is just above my ankle. I don't want a leg that is over my shoe. Leg size is 27" and I am a 5'3" woman, and according to this pants guide these are a size 32 PANT. (I am a size 14 in a regular size when store shopping )... My inseam is probably a 31, or 32. I am 175 pounds and 5' 3" or 4". I LOVVVVVEE these pants !!!!!! (by-the-way). The legs are close... I don't want baggy!!!! the legs are fitting to the leg. LOVE these!!!
Nov 29, 2022
These are NIIIIIICE.These jeans are super nice. A little pricey, but AMAZING quality. Think denim jeans before the fast fashion industry took over and everything turned to crap. These are heavy, stitched beautifully, and long lasting. These are jeans that you invest in and will still be wearing 10-15 years from now. Just try one pair and you will probably be hooked and never look at the cheap quality jeans again in your life. These are AMAZING.
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