Levi's Women's Low Pro Jeans

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Dec 26, 2022
100% Cotton!.I like that they are all cottonno stretch. I have a small waist and they fit. The legs are very big. Not the greatest look for someone 52. But not unflattering.
Dec 22, 2022
Very good..Very good.
Dec 19, 2022
fav pants.so flattering
Dec 18, 2022
So good!.Holy cow! These are great! Definitely size down because they run big, and the length is pretty long but I like the baggy look. They do take a while to ship but theyre worth it because they retail for $80 but I paid $50!
Dec 18, 2022
They're cut big.They were too big. I didn't care for the cut so I didn't order a smaller size
Dec 16, 2022
Like 'em...yes. Love 'em...no..These jeans would be absolutely perfect if I could get them a smidge smaller in the waist, and made with more cotton. As a curvy woman, I have a small-ish waist, and nice round hips. These jeans are perfect length! Perfect on my hips! And so comfortable! But, I need to wear a belt to keep them from sliding too far down. Elastic stretches too much after wearing them a little while, so they lose their fit during the day and the crotch winds up sagging too low. The color is perfect, and the leg
Dec 15, 2022
Am I missing something?.Did I get the same jeans as some of the other reviewers? I got my normal size 31 and I couldnt even get them over my booty. I was so disappointed. Im not even sure if 32s would fit but Im going to try cause I really want them. I am VERY curvy so mustve these fit better if youre a bit more straight up and down?
Dec 15, 2022
Great fit.Im 55 and 116 lb. Ordered a size 25 my regular size in Levi 550s is a 6 which is roomy. These are one of the first jeans besides the 550s to really fit well. They fit perfectly and are a comfortable fit. Hope this helps
Dec 12, 2022
Save your time and buy your Levis at the store.So for starters, shipping was all over the place. I originally purchased these jeans around Black Friday, and my notifications said that my package wasnt coming until 12/30. I understand with all the holiday deliveries things can get pretty crazy, but I checked my notifications and it said my package was delivered several days ago. When I actually retrieved my package, there was no Amazon envelope slip that typically protects your package (Im assuming my package was damaged in the mail, which ex
Dec 12, 2022
Love my jeqns.I love finding a pair of 100% cotton jeans that are not slim or skinny in the legs. Its like wearing real jeans.
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