Jelly Belly Gift Bag, Gourmet Candy Corn, 7.5 Ounce

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Nov 05, 2022
Best I ever had!!.Best I ever had!!
Oct 30, 2022
Tasted gross- we normally buy this brand but something was off with this batch.These had a strong chemical taste. Reminded me of pest spray. We buy Jelly Belly candy corn every year at the grocery and enjoy. Our store didn't carry it this year so I ordered it online. We had three pieces and threw the bag away. Such a disappointment and waste of money.
Oct 28, 2022
Product was opened and couldn't return.The bag was open when it arrived. I weighed the contents and it was less than what was listed on the package. I couldn't return it because it's a food product.
Oct 23, 2022
Not vegan..Make sure you read the ingredients first. I thought I had, (10+ years of being plant-based experience,) and must have missed the confectioners glaze and beeswax. I was looking to make sure it didnt have honey, and I mustve missed those. Tried to return, and was denied. I understand not being allowed to return grocery items, but I paid $12 for this. Its ridiculous. Dont buy these. I couldve bought the ingredients to make my own cruelty-free ones with that amount of money. Not happy.
Oct 21, 2022
Chemical aftertaste.Like the other 1-2 star reviews, I was initially disappointed because this tasted different from any candy corn I ever had before, and the different flavor was topped off with a chemical aftertaste, almost like there was rubbing alcohol or a cleaner mixed in with it. I couldnt eat more than a few. Theyre going in the trash. (And throwing away candy is basically against my religion, so this was baaaad.) I thought I was treating myself to high class candy corn because of the Jelly Belly brand, but
Oct 07, 2022
Gluten free? You betcha!.There is everything to like and nothing to dislike about this product. If you close your eyes and did it taste test you would never know that these are gluten-free. They taste like you just bought them off of the candy shelf. What a welcome addition to very few candies out there that taste true to the gluten versions. Of course, with any gluten-free product, comes at a high cost. The only drawback but thats across the board with gluten-free food. Highly recommend this product and will be buy
Sep 10, 2022
All stuck together when opened. Couldnt get it apart and it went straight to the trash can..Liked nothing. Disliked everything!
Sep 09, 2022
Not real candy corn. - a bad knock-off.This is simply a bad knock-off of Brachs.
Jul 04, 2022
Tasted horrible. Not fresh..Tasted horrible. Not fresh. Total disappointment. Ate two or three and threw the whole bag out.
Jan 15, 2022
Nice packaging for industrial effluent.Brach's Candy Corns usually come in a one pound bag. I thought these much more expensive Candy Corns would match that. Nope. A pretty little package of pretty little candy corns - that taste like you're licking the floor of an industrial accident. Famously, Candy Corns include some honey. Not these! Nope, these contain some chemist's approximation of what those flavors might be like if everyone were tripping B4LLS. It's kind of like butter, kind of like battery acid, vaguely suggestive highly li
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