Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Premium Quilted Long Sleeve Sleeping Bag and Wearable Blanket

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Dec 26, 2022
These sre fantastic..I got these for my 18 month old, as it is starting to get colder at night now. They are use to using a short sleeved sleep sack, so there was no trouble getting them use to these ones. My child is on the small side, but I did buy a bigger one, so they can grow onto it over time. We have to roll up the sleeves but that is the only thing we have to do. They are not as thick as I was expecting, but they are still good quality and I would buy them again in a heartbeat. They are easy to clean and t
Dec 22, 2022
Beautiful Sleep Bag.Love it
Dec 21, 2022
Light but warm.I was very apprehensive about sleep sacks until my daughter bought one of these for her son. He sleeps very well in it. The sleeves stay put and the length is long enough that he can move around. It is very soft and warm.
Dec 20, 2022
Will Shrink!.Everything about this is great. Just a heads up, they do shrink in the dryer so I recommend throwing them in the washer but letting them air dry. They air dry fairly quickly.
Dec 20, 2022
Size is HUGE.This item is HUGE. I got two 6-12 month sleepers. My almost 5 year old can fit in these things. Its a little crazy to me. Was hoping for a better fit and not so big. The material and weight is good for cold weather though. Just wish size was better.
Dec 17, 2022
Warm.I love this product . Before ordering this i would cover my 1 year old in a bunch of blankets but no matter how many times i did he would uncover himself and would wake up crying in the night of the cold . So when i heard of this i had to try it . First night trying it he slept through the night and had so much room to move around . When i pulled him out of it in the morning he was warm enough where his body didnt feel cold . I wish i would have purchased this earlier ! I purchased the 18 month
Dec 14, 2022
Great purchase.They keep my baby warm without over heating. Good quality. Definitely purchase the next size.
Dec 13, 2022
Beautiful.Super pretty and very warm! Perfect for safe sleep for my 6 month old
Dec 12, 2022
Bad bad product.I am very very unsatisfied with this product. I washed it and it shrank 4 you should not be selling this at all.. Do not purchase this at all..
Dec 10, 2022
Comfy but pills and sheds like crazy.Comfy and beautiful, my baby sleeps her best with it on. However, I have two of these and they shed so badly that the fuzz from it obstructs the zipper and a few times there have been long strings of the thread tugged out by my baby while sleeping that it could have become a safety hazard. I wont be buying anymore unfortunately because they are beautiful roomy and warm.
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