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Mar 24, 2023
Horrible undependable product.Had this in my hall for 4 years. Cost me thousands of $ in tech calls to figure out what was wrong. Kept dropping off the internet. I got it so mu guests would be comfortable in the quirky Texas weather who I wasn't;t home to swap from heat to cold. it did that ok, but it would do that all the time, even when it had ben cold for days. it was impossible to get off some Fed idea of what fuel savings was. When I want it at 70*, it should stay at 70*, not drop to 50*, winter or summer!!! it would au
Mar 23, 2023
Goes to AWAY even though Im home.The thermostat keeps going into away mode even though I am. I dont want to have it monitor my phone to know if Im in the house. Appears to be a very annoying glitch. I may return because this new nest thermostat is awful. I like the old one before google got involved. I dont want to connect all my devices.
Mar 23, 2023
works but.......works great a bit pricey but the setting for temperature control and creating and modifying the temp zones can be tricky and confusing i was able to figure it all out since im very tech savy but for the entry level new user they would have no clue!
Mar 22, 2023
Can't beat it for the price!.I've had it for a few months now and I barely touch or look at it. I control it by yelling at my Alexa's or from the Google Home app. Works great and haven't had any issues. Easy install too.
Mar 22, 2023
Never stays connected to Wifi OR app.It looks great but functions terribly. Although I have great wifi and all my other devices, including my garage opener another 40-ft away, function perfectly fine, this device never stays connected which renders the app virtually useless. I 100% should have bought something simple without wifi (which is basically what this is) or went after a Honeywell.
Mar 22, 2023
Check first if you are wired for this!.I have one in my primary home that I love. I should have checked to be sure our second home was ready and wired for this. I sadly had to return it. Rewiring is too expensive
Mar 21, 2023
If you like a smart Thermostat to stay connected you should keep looking..My nest Thermostat worked for roughly three months before it quit connecting to wifi. All steps taken and no resolution. Even better - zero response on the return for a replacement with Google. You can't even submit a request for customer service!
Mar 21, 2023
Don't buy it.It's freezing cold in our house but the thermostat thinks it's 95 degrees in here so it won't kick on. I've tried restarting it shows temp is 97 degrees. Tried to update it, says not connected to internet, go to internet settings says its connected just fine. Disconnected wiring and reconnected it Had it literally 15 months and now it's not working.
Mar 20, 2023
no matter what google tells you, this thermostat does NOT work for every situation!.I received one as a gift and bought two more, with the google instructional video understanding that if I just added the google power enhancer--free--it would work in my house (built 1985). I fell for those videos that showed it was so simple on any system). WRONG. By the time the electrician came to help me with the installation, (apparently I needed to get a "non-relay switching zone control board with zone C terminals" installed) the window to return these three thermostats had closed and goo
Mar 19, 2023
Slide bar is horrible.Tried to replace a first generation Nest thermostat with spin dial at my home with the new Google Nest. Big mistake after installing the Google nest it now says I would need to install a C wire to get constant power to thermostat. And also the new slide bar feature is stupid and not easy to use. Why change something that worked so well so much easier to spin a dial then find the sweet spot on side of thermostat. Almost impossible to get into all the settings. I agree most older people will not b
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