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Oct 25, 2022
Got Lost & Crash Tested!.I got this to ease my wifes worries about me riding my dirt bike alone in the woods. I have since gotten lost and found my way out using the Garmin. Recently i have crashed while riding alone resulting in me breaking my collar bone and fracturing a vertebrae. I was able to communicate to my wife what had happened, that i was ok-ish, and sent her coordinates and a map screenshot of where i was at. If you are on the fence about this product, i highly encourage you to buy it, it worked when i NEED
Oct 02, 2022
Not so sure ..The pairing was ok with the phone . It was having a very hard time finding a satellite out in the clear . messages could take up to an hour to send . I am sure if I needed the SOS it would be a slow process .
Oct 01, 2022
wish it had a USB C rather than micro USB port for charging. Otherwise no regrets..For sending messages and my location it worked well to keep the Fam updated on my backpacking trip. Could have found cell signal occasionally but this is sure nice to have.
Sep 24, 2022
Live Tracking.Beside the SOS which sends your location, you can text a loved one if you will be late and it will send them your location. You can give them a login to track you live and you can look at your live track from your phone. Just download the maps to the Earthmate app and when you are out of service area you can see what route you took and where you are and if you are on the right track on the way back. This is a must have even with the iPhone 14 Pro Max I would rather rely on this!
Sep 14, 2022
The customer service on the subscription side is awful.The device works as advertised. The huge ownership experience problem for me was the customer service. At about the same time my year subscription ran out, the debit card it was billed off of was compromised. I hadn't used the device for months, but Garmin began an aggressive collection campaign for the last month of service. I acquiesced and paid for the last month despite not having used the device. They then locked my account, presumably out of spite. A year later I try to reactivate my Garmi
Sep 03, 2022
Just opened package and charged wont turn on.Horrible product. Just opened package and charged over night. Wont even turn on
Sep 02, 2022
Its a bit weak or has a hard time..It works and I think they have no problem moving it over to the new maps but Garmin wants you to pay more for the upgraded maps. I was on a 15th floor of a apartment and NOTHING close by and it was still not reading well. So I don't know make sure you can get good signal or maybe strap it to a drone and fly it up :D :D :D. Other then that it works mostly.
Aug 18, 2022
UI is a bit cryptic and subscription plans could use some clarification.I did a lot of research prior to purchasing. My game plan prior to purchasing was to buy a mini 2 and the safety subscription plan. From what I read and understood you get "unlimited preset text messages" with this plan. So I am thinking I could make 10 or 20 different preset messages that cover the common things I want to communicate and I would be good. Well you actually can only create 3 different stored preset messages. You could send any of them a million times without charge, but you can't
Aug 10, 2022
Battery life not as specified.I carry my 3.5 year old inReach Mini primarily for the SOS feature, and to send occasional preset messages, while mountain hiking solo year-round. Recently I tested battery life (with bluetooth off, ant off, display illumination off, track log off, track send off), and obtained: 28 hours life while inside with no sattelite signals available, and only 3 days life while outside with clear sky view. I also verified that to fully charge the battery from empty took over 1000mA-hr, so battery capacity
Aug 10, 2022
Not durable - poor service..I've had this Garmin Mini for 2 years, and have used it on several trips for remote communication. Now the unit will not even charge or turn on. Failure after 2 years is not acceptable given the cost and, more importantly, is a non-starter for a device that may be needed for life-threatening situations. Garmin's replacement offer for a high cost seems hardly the right solution for a defective unit and one that, based on experience, may fail again....
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