GS Power12Gauge Wire (12AWG) - 100 Foot, Pure Copper, Stranded Electrical Wiring for Speaker, Automotive, Trailer, Stereo and Home Theater Applications - Red/Black 100 ft

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Dec 24, 2022
Good Quality wire; lousy packaging..Good stuff. Arrived in good shape, but somebody needs to learn how to package it. Five inch diameter roll in a 6X6X14 inch box with no padding leaves a lot of room to roll around.
Dec 23, 2022
Nice flexible cord w/stranded copper wire.The cord is really good with nice, thick insulation and fine stranded copper wire. It is very flexible. Please note that the cord is NOT rated for mains AC voltages. This is a LOW VOLTAGE cord (up to 48 volts DC or AC)! The insulation looks like it could be THHN, but it's not. I not sure if it is rated for 85C and the cord is not marked in any way! Finally, the clear plastic outer sheath is very thin and the two wires will separate quite easily. If you are going to be dragging this around, you'
Dec 16, 2022
fine for numerous applications.really the only thing that was not good was the poor packaging that allowed the stress during shipment to break off one side of the plastic spool . you probably would not be able to jump start a car with guage of wire but other that that it is good .
Dec 13, 2022
Good Stuff.This wire is perfect for wiring accessories to my Gator. Best value for the money!
Dec 12, 2022
Good value, fast shipping.I used this for some 12 volt, 3 Amp charger cables. Worked well
Dec 09, 2022
As advertised.Van conversion wiring
Dec 03, 2022
Good wire..Used it for my MidFi and it worked great.
Dec 01, 2022
Good Price.Good Prince, Good Product, Fast delivery. Great wire for your money.
Nov 21, 2022
Were connected now.Worked for my needs
Nov 20, 2022
Quality wire at the right price.This is perfect quality wire to wire up your speakers
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