GS Power 12 Gauge Electrical Wire - 4 Pack Color Combo Low Voltage Wiring 100 Feet Per Roll, Copper Clad Aluminum Electric Wires for 12 Volt Automotive, Lighting, Trailer or Car Audio 100 ft 4 pack

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Dec 26, 2022
good.good wire
Dec 24, 2022
Perfect for the job at hand..Used on rewiring a boat and it's perfect for the job.
Dec 19, 2022
Good general purpose wire.Hubby used it for his projects and said it's a decent wire at a good price point. He did not use it for the sound system though
Dec 18, 2022
Works great wiring for my big block Chevy on the motor stand !.Great value for the money!
Nov 17, 2022
A lot of wire.This is a lot of wire and its good just far more than most people need for household use. Good quality and basics wire
Nov 06, 2022
Good deal for smaller amt wire.Good deal
Nov 04, 2022
12 gauge wire.worked fine just typical 12 gauge wire
Nov 03, 2022
Great wire.Good wire and value
Oct 19, 2022
OK.Decent cable. Biggest complain is the spool. Nowhere to secure the end of the cable to keep it from unwinding.
Oct 17, 2022
Speaker wire.Speaker wire Are used to hook up speakers to my surroundsound. Good quality.
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