Electric Lighter, Candle lighters, USB Plasma Long Arc Lighters Rechargeable Lighter Safety Lock for Candle Cooking BBQs Fire

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Mar 22, 2023
Lighter died in 4 weeks.The lighter was great until it died. Had to long to return. Stick with matches or a propane lighter
Mar 20, 2023
Not worth it.This takes forever to light - when it works!! Will Have to buy a lighter this was worthless
Mar 17, 2023
Battery doesnt stay charged very long.Very effective for lighting candles, but if youre using it repeatedly it only stays charged for three hours max. I use it to fuse the ends of my cords while making bracelets and it continuously kept dying
Mar 17, 2023
Works great for many things..I love that I don't have to refill this, just plug it in and charge. The only thing I did find was that when lighting thick incense, some of my older stuff, it did not want to light with this. But honestly, if I have to sit for a bit lighting something, better with this then a match! Overall, I recommend this product.
Mar 16, 2023
Very good lighter.Love it
Mar 14, 2023
Doesnt charge.After a few days of using the lighter I found that It wasnt charging properly and I could no longer get it to light
Mar 12, 2023
Product is ok.Always comes handy
Mar 12, 2023
Easy.This is very easy to use! Had a good amount of charge when I first opened it. Very handy
Mar 11, 2023
Disappointing.The 1st one we received worked okay but after we charged it. The pen was extremely difficult to push the button forward at all. It was like the inside had swollen and we were not able to use it. After a couple days it got looser and started working and then died after 2 days. I always thought it smelled like chemical also. The replacement came and worked fine before and after charging. However I still smelled a chemical smell. I thought I was crazy so I just pushed the pen on without lighting a
Mar 09, 2023
Its ok but glitches.I do like it but the slider to turn it on is either too hard to slide or gets stuck on
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