Diet Pepsi Soft Drink Pop Cans, 355mL/12oz., 12 Pack

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May 31, 2022
12 case diet Pepsi.I bought 2 cases of 12 cans of diet Pepsi, I received both cases except 1 was open and taped up and missing 1 can.
May 19, 2022
Wedding.Pepsi was fine. Just the delivery wasn't. Box broken drinks everywhere
Apr 27, 2022
Requesting replacement.Received badly damaged.
Apr 24, 2022
HOPE IS NEVER DISCONC.Personally. I like it better than any other diet cola (including COKE),
Apr 16, 2022
It's a little expensive.OK
Apr 10, 2022
Excellent Service.Excellent Service, Excellent product, excellent price :-)
Apr 10, 2022
Was exactly what I ordered.Bravo..Pepsi came undamaged and a Pepsi lovers taste dreamloved the convenience of getting it on time and perfect!
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