Chemical Guys CWS80316 Clean Slate Deep Surface Cleaning Car Wash Soap (Removes Old Car Waxes, Glazes & Sealants for Superior

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Dec 07, 2022
Works!.I was looking for something to strip the old wax off and it takes it off. Next time I use it I will try putting a sealant on the paint before topping it off with wax.
Nov 08, 2022
Works Great!.Works as described and smells nice! Great value. Foams up really good and I feel it did a good job cleaning off the old wax and finish to prepare for using a clay bar, buffing and ceramic coating.
Oct 25, 2022
Bottle had a crack in it or something leaked all out in the box.I didnt get to use it
Oct 24, 2022
nice shine.very easy to use
Oct 01, 2022
Great product, horrible delivery.The product itself is fantastic, it truly strips all built on finishes (except for the clear coat) off like it claims. Its very easy to use, just add to water and go. My problem with everything is that only half the liquid was in the bottle when I got it and no matter which way I stored it, more kept leaking out. I dont know if it was a manufacturing defect in the bottle or the way Amazon shipped it, but this is not the first time I have gotten chemical guys products that were partially gone bef
Sep 25, 2022
Did not work for me.Unfortunately this did not work for me I can still see the old wax build up I dont think it works for old wax maybe if you have some newer wax on that needs removed
Sep 04, 2022
does not remove wax or coating at all..it does not remove anything other then dirt!!!
Aug 29, 2022
Does not strip was until you wash 5-6 different times.So, I was under the impression that 1 wipe and it removes wax. That is not the case. I had to go over a spot 6 different times to remove it. Then I decided to do 6 ounces for 5 gallon bucket instead of the 1 ouch. Still the same issue. It does not strip wax and I dont see myself going over the same spot 6 different times when other products out there can do it in 1 or 2. Going to try to return a used bottle.
Aug 21, 2022
Damaged.Product arrived damaged and leaking. I usually order form chemical guys website and there are no issues with irders
Aug 17, 2022
Works good.I used this to strip a car before paint correcting and coating a car. Ive used other brands in the past and this worked as good as any of them. As a consumer product I think this is good however theres more cost effective products if you are buying in bulk.
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