Chemical Guys Black & Dark Color Paint Maintenance Kit

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Dec 14, 2022
My favorite.Sometimes you just have to stick with what works. Im a huge fan of chemical guys and have tried other things that seem to just do the same thing the black car care kit youre not going to get any better. If the temperature is slightly too warm its hard to get off, but this black car care kit impressed an old school auto body tech
Dec 02, 2022
It Works awesome.It really works great and easy to use
Nov 09, 2022
Great bundle for the price.Very easy to use and it actually works better than any brand I used
Sep 30, 2022
best of the best.if you have a black car this is essential
Sep 17, 2022
Lasted a long time.To detail my suv
Aug 19, 2022
Not as depicted or described.The package I received did not have plush, black, terry-like microfiber cloths, but some white, thin cloth instead. It should be noted that the wax does not come in what has become known as the standard size for car wax can, but a can of less than half the volume. The same goes for the Black Light Color Enhancer. The bottle is about half of what you'd expect. Considering the price of this package, you should be getting standard size containers at least, as well as the cloths they depict and desc
Aug 16, 2022
Good product, but can't tell much difference than the normal stuff so the high price is too much..This didn't add up to the hype. I really couldn't tell any difference than when I used a regular high quality wax. It does make your cuticles black and really hard to wash off, so would recommend wearing gloves. Thought it would enhance the black and it did, but not to the extent of what this kit cost. I like Chemical Guys products and those by Griot's Garage. In this case comparing this to the latter's products which are also pricey I would have to go with their competitor. There are some produ
Aug 03, 2022
My wife couldn't tell the difference when using two different waxes in panel vs panel test.Just did a super clean and wax on my wife's Black SRX doing the front half with their Butter Wax and the back half with the Black car care Kit Wax. Divided the car at the doors and my wife honestly could not tell the difference between the two halves. Easy enough to use but in my opinion not worth the extra cost versus their other products or other brands. Save your money and use just any premium wax product. Premium doesn't mean expensive either, lots of great products out there
Jul 12, 2022
So shiny!!!.If you have a black car you need this stuff!! It is simply amazing!!! It shined up my 2007 Yukon like its brand new!!! Love chemical guys!!!
Jul 09, 2022
Did not get what is shown in the picture of the kit got substitute items...Got glaze not glaze and sealant Black Light and got skinny white wipes.
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