Car Backup Camera, Rear View Camera Ultra HD 12 LED Night Vision, Waterproof Reverse Camera 140 Wide View Angel with Multipl

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Dec 18, 2022
It's waterproof.I had to replace an aftermarket backup camera when it got moisture in the lens. I chose this because it's waterproof and even had little LED lights on it. I've been using it for acouple months now and am very happy with the picture quality and the night vision is great. Because i already had a camera installed, it was plug and play. I don't think you can find a better one at this price.
Dec 11, 2022
If you don't want to drill there are holes behind the license plates on most vehicles..Worth the money and brought my 06 up to 2018! Some flicker on rainy nights.
Dec 07, 2022
Dec 01, 2022
Dead after 24 hours.It worked great the first day. Was dead the next day. The word of the day is RMA, ok, ok, I know that's an acronym and not a word, but y'all know what I mean :)
Nov 27, 2022
Great retro fit for previously installed cameras.So I bought this for a friend of mine who had already wired up a back up camera but threw the years it sustained heavy uv damage and you could no longer see so I bought one for him he said install took 10 seconds hooked right up to the existing wires and he was blown away by the picture quality
Nov 26, 2022
Nice an easy to install.Bought it a month ago put it on went out and checked on it yesterday and the camera mount has a hairline crack in it
Nov 11, 2022
nice camera.great product. one minor problem thew main lience place brakeg came with cracks on housing.... screws were screwed in to tight... but swapped out brackets... hope I can get replacement caps sent in exchange for the cracked ones. they were cracked up on me getting the item
Nov 07, 2022
Not water proof.Always clouds up in the wet and takes a long time to dry out.
Nov 05, 2022
Good kit includes everything you need Frame is plastic and must be put on top of the license plate..Great kit included everything I needed including zip ties and double sided tape. Unfortunately my license plate frame had 2 cracks in it. Note it is plastic and must be put on top of the license plate, other manufactures use a metal frame or bracket allowing it to be tucked behind the license plat giving it a cleaner look IMHO. Will see how well their customer service is in replacing me cracked frame.
Nov 01, 2022
Decent rear view camera for the price, works with a Sony XAV-AX150.Since I was having to replace my stereo and the old camera was flaky, I replaced it with this one and it seems to work pretty well. It functions fine with a Sony XAV-AX150. I think the night vision is a bit better than my old one and the picture quality is pretty good too. It's not super hi-res but it's not bad. The only reason for 4 stars on the installation is that it's not exactly just plug and play. It requires some thought and a bit of skill to do it right. I like having the options on this
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