Candle Lighter SUPRUS Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter Triple Safety Long Lighter Stainless Steel Shell & Hanging Hook with 360Flexible Neck Black Pack of 1

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Mar 22, 2023
Broke Within a Week.This thing worked once and then I went to use it again and though it is charged, it is not generating an arc. Seemed cool as a concept, but fails in execution.
Mar 21, 2023
Muy practico y ligero. Muy fcil de usar.Me encanto. Facil y ligero de usar. La batera promedio
Mar 21, 2023
Safest way to light candles of all shapes!!.Must buy!! Youll never use flame lighters or matches againJust try it! Love
Mar 20, 2023
Does not charge.The lighter worked fine however it didnt charge after few months
Mar 20, 2023
What a neat product.This is so cool for lighting gas stoves or candles an it long an flexible an u can charge it with USB cord charge lasts long thought it might be a cheaply made product but it's not good quality
Mar 19, 2023
Best out there.This has really been a game changer... after going and purchasing numerous lighters this has now been the only lighter I need. Have changed it maybe twice since I purchased and it's the best.
Mar 16, 2023
Garbage.It does not work even for a month. Do not buy.
Mar 16, 2023
Worked fine for about a week.The battery life on this is horrible. Once I had to charge it the first time it now only lasts to light a candle 2-3 times. I like how easy it is to use and charge. At this point, its a waste-I have to plug it in every single time I use it which is not convenient. Save your money.
Mar 15, 2023
Absoluletly LOVE THIS!!.This is the greatest!! No more trying to find a regular lighter to light my candles with!! This stays charging and when needed just click the switch and I can light many candles without ever worrying that it's run out of lighting fuel. No more throwing out empty grill or candles lighters. This makes a tiny electrical charge at the end that instantly lights a candle or whatever you are trying to light. It actually looks like a mini taser charge. This worked perfectly and I would definitely recomm
Mar 14, 2023
Useful Gift for Candle Lovers.I got my boyfriend really into candles, but he hates the traditional long lighters because they run out of fuel so easily. That is not a worry for this product, and he swears its one of his favorite practical gifts.
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