BURBERRY Touch Eau de Toilette para hombre

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Dec 18, 2022
Un buen aroma para esta poca tiene aromas navideos cmo manza, anela y amaderado.Tiene aromas de madera y de frutas
Dec 06, 2022
Amazing scent!.Wonderful scent
Dec 03, 2022
Mi perfume de toda la vida.nico
Dec 01, 2022
Flop.Burberry touch for men. The moment u pit it on , first thought is did i put a talcum powder on Second thought why do i smell like Granny Third thought why doea it smell of freshly opened pampers Fourth thought id gift it to my Grandma
Nov 30, 2022
Great ProductA great.A great cologne! Enough said.
Nov 26, 2022
Original product. Original product directly sold by Amazon Mexico, the aroma is soft, the only bad thing is that it lasts very little, at least on my skin for about 1 hour and it is no longer noticeable, so if it is necessary to carry an atomizer to get rid of from time to time
Nov 25, 2022
Good scent throwback favorite.Its a good scent a throwback. I bought it for my dad but I bought for myself first and I liked it and smells great. Good for office and good for chilling.
Nov 23, 2022
Smells amazing.I love this version of Touch as much as the original! Last all day and smells amazing. This in my go to winter scent.
Nov 17, 2022
Smell is not like the original. Smell is not like the original
Nov 12, 2022
Its a scent that wont be confused with others.Its great for date night or the office.. its a great winter or fall scent
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