BIC Classic Lighters, Pocket Lighter Style, Fashion Assorted Colors, 50 Count Tray Disposable Lighters

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Mar 13, 2023
Works good as a safety feature.I only use Bic products. They are always reliable and safe to use.
Feb 16, 2023
Awesome.Best investment I've ever made
Jan 31, 2023
its what i wanted....REAL BIC lighters in a retail case.pros REAL BIC lighters!!! 50 in a flat rack retail case like it should be from BIC factory DIRECT....no middle men...even shipped in a BIC box with a return address of the factory all lighters were at same level and matched other lighters bought at local retail in fuel level CONS none really....BUT.....big BUT for people after COLORS.....i got 15 pinks, 12 light baby blues, 11 purples , 6 bright orange, 4 lime green and 2 bright yellow....to make my pack of 50....i ordered the bright colored pa
Jan 22, 2023
Best. Christmas. Present. Ever..My husband loses lighters all the time. Hes constantly picking them up from the gas station because he loses them. In the car, at work, at home, In the laundry. I initially bought this as a joke because he loses lighters. It has turned into one of the best things weve ever had. Any time I find a lighter around I just put it back in the container it comes with. I gave it to him for Christmas and its the middle of January and were still going strong.
Jan 22, 2023
Not toe rag.The picture of the lighter pack is of some sort of toe cushion/spacer foam thingy. Not at all what I want to light cigarettes with. What I got was Bic lighters, 50 each. A random selection works perfectly. Worthy.
Jan 16, 2023
Good value.Better to buy in bulk, cheaper and always have one when you need it
Jan 13, 2023
Good price.Great lighters but it seems like they just dont last like use to .
Jan 07, 2023
Great lighter.There Vics what else can I say
Jan 05, 2023
Christmas.Gifted all the kids with these
Jan 04, 2023
Good lighters.N/a
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