BIC Classic Lighter, Assorted Colors, 50-Count Tray, Up to 2x the Lights (Assortment of Colors May Vary)

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Dec 29, 2022
nice.arrived quickly, packaged well, super value, have bought a bunch
Dec 28, 2022
good price.bought for my wife. now she cant say she doesnt have a lighter
Dec 25, 2022
Be ready to wait almost a month to receive your order from this vendor..It's a great value if you're a pipe smoker and burn through a lot of lighters. My only problem was waiting for the delivery almost a month.
Dec 24, 2022
Be ready for long shippment.Great item but took forever to ship. Expect 2-3 weeks
Dec 21, 2022
Good deal.Good deal
Dec 20, 2022
Christmas giftGoing strong.My wife is a smoker and was always losing lighters( kleptomaniac lighter alert-lol) This has solved the problem
Dec 18, 2022
I only received half my order.I only received half of my order
Dec 17, 2022
Good lighters.Good and cheap here
Dec 11, 2022
Legit, asset to the community. Pulled through like a winner !.Legit. Asset to the community. Got the job done. Satisfied.
Dec 09, 2022
Hope you like baby blue..These lighters arrived with a 1/3 of the colors baby blue. My husband is not picky but really that many baby blue lighters. He's pissed. I'm going to see if the local gas station might switch some out with us.
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