AZDOME M550 Dash Cam 3 Channel, Built in WiFi GPS, With 64GB Card, Front Inside Rear 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Dashboard Camera R

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Dec 30, 2022
The camera is good but runs hot..I haven't mount the camera but did tested. The pictures and video quality looks good so far. Not so good in wifi but when you play it, it looks good. My concern is that it gets hot, like really hot. Will this cause the life of the camera to be shorten? Does it get hot on other people? It is just a concern and I guess we will find out how long this camera last. Will write and update after testing it out in the long run. I do wish it came with extended warranty.
Dec 30, 2022
Good product.Great for peace of mind when driving.
Dec 28, 2022
Compact front camera takes up less window space..I ordered the 3 channel for the extra view of the side windows with the inside camera. I also mounted the front camera as high as possible( see pic), to keep from taking up valuable window space. The rear camera I installed on the rear window of my truck( pic ). I ordered the rear camera mount for inside installation. Overall works great, and easily access videos with my phone.
Dec 27, 2022
BURNS though SD cards.We have two of these, one in each car and both have burnt through the SD cards that were in them. Not sure if the read-write was too much for it or they have some fault within them, but after 6mo-1yr it would say the card needs formatted and then never finish the format. I tried plugging the card into my PC and it wouldn't read it so i assume its just fried. Other than that it's really a lot of good features for the price, just have to factor in the card consumption and make sure not to have a d
Dec 24, 2022
Do not buy.This camera is garbage, 1st one broke got a replacement, now the second one stopped turning on, also has a hit and run and the park mode did not turn on and capture the event
Dec 23, 2022
Worthless.Product wouldn't even turn on. Looked the the product had been used before and repackaged.
Dec 19, 2022
Dont work at all WASTE OF TIME.Something is wrong with the software of the camera. Stay frozen all time
Dec 18, 2022
Screen is to small..Screen is to small.
Dec 17, 2022
Yes it all works as promised! Hardware, Firmware, Software, & Wi-Fi! Good clear video, audio & files.M550 AZDOME Dashcam - Wi-Fi & Software had a slight learning curve for me but it all functions as advertised. I chose to hardwire the dashcam directly to the fuse box on my 2022 Ford Maverick using the 3-Lead Acc Hardwire Kit and the Rear Camera Holder Rear Window Bracket to mount above the rear sliding window. Installation was simple and straight forward following both written instructions and instructions and tips provided by the AZDOME website. Camera worked excellent however the rear facing
Dec 16, 2022
It let me down in my moment of need.This *could* be, and *should* be, a fantastic dash cam. The hardware is excellent. It produces sharp, clear, bright footage from all cameras, and it is small and unobtrusive when placed correctly. Unfortunately, the software makes this device useless. Today, my partner totaled our car while driving. I went back through the footage to review what happened and discovered that, despite us using the car daily and the camera powering up every day, footage stopped being saved in early October. There
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