2 Replacement Keyless Entry Remote Control Key Fob Clicker Transmitter 3 Button - Black

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Nov 18, 2022
Ease of iten to work.Worked exactly as described
Nov 17, 2022
Work great easy to program.Work as good as factory easy to program
Nov 16, 2022
Excellent OEM replacement..Just like original. Easy to program both at the same time for a spare.
Nov 14, 2022
Old batteries.The remote worked great... EXCEPT when l got OUT of the car. Seller suggested I buy new batteries. I suggested they send me new batteries. No reply. This is the second set with the same problem. Different sellers. Conclusion. Cheap batteries installed.
Nov 10, 2022
muy buen.bueno
Nov 08, 2022
New key fobs!.Got these for my wife's 09' Flex. It took just a few minutes to program them to the car. And they are a great replacement for the factory fobs that were having issues.
Nov 06, 2022
Works great.Happy with my F-250
Nov 05, 2022
Check These Out.Great value and replacement.
Nov 05, 2022
Works Perfectly.Perfect for my 2002 Windstar. Almost effortless to set up. Works perfectly. Wow.
Nov 03, 2022
F-150 remote fob.Very economical and easy to use. However battery only lasted a few months.
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