18 AWG (American Wire Gauge) CCA Primary Wire | 50 ft Red & Black | Also Available in 14 & 16 Ga

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Mar 16, 2023
Good.Excellent product
Mar 13, 2023
good.good pepole
Feb 23, 2023
Appears to be quality wire.This is just what I needed and at a reasonable price. I will use this wire to internally wire led yard lights. Wire appears flexable and should work fine for my application.
Feb 21, 2023
Great product.Great product for multiple jobs
Jan 23, 2023
NOT for trailer use despite title.This wire is CCA which is NOT suitable for automotive or trailer use despite what the title or description say, in fact buried in the pictures it even says for indoor use only
Jan 03, 2023
More wire than I'll ever need!.Needed some extra wire to complete a few auto wiring tasks. Now I am able to add wires in the correct colors to help keep track of the correct wiring schemes. Happy with the purchase
Dec 16, 2022
Easy to work with.I like that the wire us a solid color on each side.
Dec 03, 2022
Perfect for my 12 V application..I ordered this wire, to wire up some 12 V fans in my greenhouse. These fans are powered by a 12 V solar panel. The quality of the wire seems nice, should hold up well in the greenhouse.
Dec 01, 2022
Did the Job, But Weak Shielding.I used this wire to install a Dakota Digital gauge cluster in an old squarebody Blazer. This involved running about 25 wires from various sensors and other connections to the control module. A pretty light gauge was all that was needed, so this stuff was the right size. PROS: * Good value for the money, especially compared to what you'd pay at a hardware or auto parts store. * Wire is very flexible, which makes it pretty easy to bend in just about any shape you need, within reason. * Decent vari
Nov 28, 2022
Great value for the money.I restore a lot of cars and bought every gauge of this wire to keep on hand. It fills the bill.
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