16 Gauge Stranded Copper Clad Aluminum 100 Red / 100 Black Bonded Zip Cord Wire for 12 Volt Automotive Harness Car Audio Hookup Amplifier LED Light Wiring

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Mar 22, 2023
JUNK!.JUNK! Used this wire on multiple trucks and trailers. Wire literally fell apart within months.
Mar 20, 2023
Not good for automotive.I did an LS swap wiring harness with this wire and got stranded twice because the wire burned up on me do not use this for your car or truck or any Automotive
Mar 07, 2023
Good.Good product
Mar 02, 2023
Great power wire and cheap.Great price and quality
Feb 26, 2023
16 gauge wire roll.Very nice wire for the price
Feb 15, 2023
its 16 gauge wire.It's the wire I use for my home receiver; you can't really screw it up; the wire is 100% OFC it flexes well; and overall, it's what I expect for the price.
Feb 03, 2023
CCA Wire is cheaper for a reason, but for some applications its perfectly fine..Copper clad aluminum wire is significantly cheaper than pure copper, and for good reason, it's got some different properties with regards to resistance and the like. I had a reason to use 16ga wire for a 12v application and this was a much less expensive version of wiring than pure copper. KNOW THIS BEFORE YOU BUY! This item has a great listing on it saying its CCA, but be warned. It shouldn't be used in every application that copper would be used. That being said, I loved this item, it's cheap,
Jan 22, 2023
not for outside use turns to powder ..I used this for a DC 12 volt power supply for an auxillary fuel soelenoid. The soelenoid quit working . I notice the wire was broken .When I tried to strip the wire to reconnect a solderless conector it kept breaking . Almost like powder. I had to order more wire and re-wire two projects I had going.
Jan 12, 2023
Not sure if this is really 16 AWG.....The insulation on this wire is way too thick. Not sure if it even can be considered 16 AWG
Jan 06, 2023
Deal for the cost.Good quality and great deal for the amount of wire.
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