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Does TOPKAY make good products? We`ve analyzed customer feedback for of the products produced by TOPKAY and have determined that this brand has a product quality score of 76 which is Good.

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Product Quality Score (PQS) is a measure of product quality and is scored out of 100.A Product Quality Score of 76 means that 76% of the customer feedback was positive and (24%) of the customer feedback was negative. A PQS closer to 100 indicates that a product has few issues overall and is Wow/Great.
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Dec 28, 2022
Flame is on a timer.Wanted a wind proof torch lighter to lights blunts. This would be great except the flame extinguishes after a few moments. Great for other things, probably not smoking
Dec 28, 2022
These are worth every penny.Great lighters that don't stop working on their first refill as most all store-bought lighters. Plus they are easier to slide into a pocket and even easier to find.
Dec 26, 2022
They'll do.You get what you pay for. The tanks are a good size but the trigger mechanism is really hard on my thumbs. We'll see how long they last
Dec 25, 2022
Great for smoking meth.I use these fun torches to smoke my meth on a daily basis. They are well built and hold up to the high demand me and my crackhead buddies put on them. Well worth the price, thanks!
Dec 24, 2022
Decent Lighters.I'm only using one - haven't tried the 2nd one yet. It takes a bit of fiddling with it to get it to light each time, but it catches after a couple of tries. So far I'm satisfied.
Dec 24, 2022
Good but finicky.I bought this lighter and love it, but even with the highest quality butane I could find it will still clog up periodically.
Dec 23, 2022
Great lights no problem.Have had a year and works great still
Dec 22, 2022
Very convenient.Really great to keep in my pocket to light faulty pilots on restaurant ranges. I wish there was a safety though.
Dec 21, 2022
Fun.I mean its sorta useful, but its just fun to play with. Seems well built overall. Worth the price.
Dec 19, 2022
OK, these are way too much fun to use.I'm using these all wrong, "blowtorching" bigger than recommended kindling to get the fireplace started. I know that means for frequent butane refills: But heck, it works!
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