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Does Schick make good products? We`ve analyzed customer feedback for of the products produced by Schick and have determined that this brand has a product quality score of 83 which is Great.

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Product Quality Score (PQS) is a measure of product quality and is scored out of 100.A Product Quality Score of 83 means that 83% of the customer feedback was positive and (17%) of the customer feedback was negative. A PQS closer to 100 indicates that a product has few issues overall and is Wow/Great.
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Dec 24, 2022
Stopped working after a few months.It just started to stop after like around 5 seconds of holding down the button. I tried replacing the battery multiple times too, and nothing got better. Eventually it just wouldn't turn on anymore. Disappointed
Dec 15, 2022
Second time I've bought one of these and it stops working after a year or two.Several years ago I bought one of these. After the battery died, I put a brand new battery in it and it was never able to power back on. So I bought another one because I really liked it. The new one I bought did the same thing. Worked for a year or so then could not get it to turn on with any new battery. I tried different brands. Nothing. What gives? I saw someone say they had to hold the button to keep it on while using and that's false. Press the button ALL the way to power it on DVD it st
Dec 01, 2022
Great product, short shelf life.I bought this razor in July of 2020. After 2.5 years, it won't turn on anymore. I replaced the 1 AAA battery, and it won't power on anymore.
Nov 18, 2022
Good purchase.Very efficient, easy to use come with batteries
Nov 14, 2022
Razor + trimmer = the perfect shave.I like this razor because of the trimmer! Worked perfectly for me no issues.
Oct 28, 2022
It kept catching.Im rather disappointed. I used it once but because its personal, theres no returning. Maybe Im doing something wrong but first use and it just kept catching and pulling my hair. That was enough for me. I had a Gillette mans trimmer for 5 or so years that broke on me so I thought Id try this out, but I ended up just going back to Gillette. Plus this one didnt come with length things.
Oct 26, 2022
Didn't work for me.My friend recommended this to me. I tried it out for a month. Wasn't really happy with it.
Oct 20, 2022
Schick Hydro Sense Razor.I like these razors and have bought them before, so I bought them again. I had the one that ran on a battery and thought I would try the one without the battery. This razor works nice, the razor blade moves with the face and would buy again.
Oct 14, 2022
Soooo amazing.This Schick hydro shaver is a yasssss honey!! I absolutely love it. After exfoliating and then using this shaver, my legs, bikini areas etc. Feel absolutely lovely. I totally bought myself another for traveling. It's wonderful I tell you, I told my mom about this shaver and she even loves it. So Schick hydro has a five star review from me.
Oct 13, 2022
Non political company - Just what I like.Like many, I'm tired of corporations preaching their agendas to their customers. That holds true even if I agree with them. Schick, (Edgewell Personal Care) has your typical mumbo jumbo on sustainability & diversity listed on their site, but that's about it I don't see them telling their male customers that they should be feeling guilty for being masculine (Gillette take a hint). If they did, I wouldn't buy their products. Review... Razor blades are excellent. Close save. No nicks. I do wish t
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