Is La Banderita Carb Counter a good brand?

Does La Banderita Carb Counter make good products? We`ve analyzed customer feedback for of the products produced by La Banderita Carb Counter and have determined that this brand has a product quality score of 93 which is Wow.

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Dec 27, 2022
Love them!.I'm on a low sodium diet, and glad I found these! I lived in Arizona for 30 years and LOVE Mexican food. These allow me to enjoy the food I love (provided the fillings are low sodium too). They taste and fold just like regular Tortillas - I can't tell the difference. The order is a case of 4 packages of 8, but these freeze well and come out fine. Be careful, these are heavy and shipping is not covered by Prime membership. Still, it comes out costing the same (or close) as those in the supermarke
Dec 23, 2022
very delicate but delicious.I love the taste of yellow corn tortillas, and Banderita tortillas definitely bring the flavor. My favorite thing about the tortillas is the taste, however I don't like how easy they crumble when they are raw. I made some shrimp fried tacos with them and they were so bomb.
Dec 19, 2022
A life saver..These tortillas are wonderful. As I am on a strict low sodium I had thought I was stuck with only corn tortillas as I use tortillas frequently. Hurray for La Banderita. They taste wonderful, most people are unaware they are low sodium. Also they are so fast at delivering, days ahead of stated delivery date. Thank you so much, La Banderita.
Dec 16, 2022
These are awesome!!.I order these weekly. They're always fresh. No carbs! The closest thing to a regular flour tortilla. As a bonus, they add a sample product to the box!!
Dec 14, 2022
Good shells poorly shipped..I really like the shells, but shipping smashed them so was very hard to separate them. 1 package had small tear in it from box no protection around shells in tight box.
Dec 12, 2022
It is hard to believe these are KETO!.I can hardly tell difference between these and a real tortilla. These are MUST HAVE on Keto! We do just about any sandwich... tuna, peanut butter, roast beef, or soft tacos!
Dec 06, 2022
Best for roll ups.These are so fresh and very digestible. Low carb but taste is great.
Dec 04, 2022
Like this brand..These are good store bought tortillas. Fresh and easy to eat. Not gummy like some pkg. Tortillas .
Dec 04, 2022
Truly low sodium.At 85 mg per tortilla I can have flour tortillas again! They don't taste like regular ones but they're still good.
Dec 03, 2022
Love!.Love this tortillas! I count carbs and these are 0 carbs each! They are always fresh and usually arrive before the promised delivery date!
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